“Fables” from DC Comics is headed to the small screen, courtesy of ABC.

ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Newsarama, and Comic Book Resources.com, has handed out a “put pilot commitment” to the project, based on the comic book created by Bill Willingham in 2002 and published by DC’s Vertigo imprint, about “Fables”, fairy tale characters from another world, living among us in a community on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner are penning the script for “Fables”, set at Warner Bros. TV. David Semel is directing the hour-long dramatic show, which is being written by Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner, and will revolve on the various characters of folklore and myth as they live secretly among normal humans in New York, whom they refer to as “Mundies” or “Mundanes”, after fleeing in exile to escape a horrible war in their own world centuries ago.

“Their lives become interconnected in vary big way,” Zicherman said about the story. “They share a secret and a bond.” He wouldn’t say which of “Fables” rich and varied cast would be a part of the TV series but noted that Snow White and Bigby Wolf, also known as the Big Bad Wolf, who are major players in the title, would have similar roles on the series.

The characters, while all modernized enough to blend into normal humanity, still retain their fairy-tale traits. For example, the Big Bad Wolf, while able to change into a human form, still shaves four times a day, Prince Charming is a handsome prince, and Rapunzel must cut her hair once a day. Among the Fables are those who cannot pass as human and live in “The Farm” an area in upstate New York that is home to Fables like the Three Bears from the Goldilocks story, or the Goose that lays golden eggs.

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By Costa Koutsoutis, (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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