The Grant Morrison-written Vertigo miniseries “We3”, released in 2004, has made some progress in its long-rumored big-screen adaptation, with John Stevenson announced today to direct. recently talked with producer Don Murphy, who said “Even though the film is going to be live-action, we brought on the lead director of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ [Stevenson]. He’s attached to direct ‘We3’. We’re doing it as an R-rating. It’s not going to be cutesy. There’s killer rabbits and stuff. We’re in the process right now of trying to figure out where we’re going to make it.”

Morrison, who is known for his groundbreaking work in “Bible John”, the counter-culture “The Invisibles”, and critically-acclaimed work on titles such as “Batman”, “Animal Man”, and “X-Men”, was brought on to write the script as well, based on his own source material, which tells the story of three cybernetically-enhanced animals, a dog, a cat, and a rabbit. The three, created to be military weapons, escape their handlers and go on the run to find their way home, pursued by other cyborg animals and the US military. The series was critically praised for its art by Frank Quietly, page layout, writing style despite the limited dialogue given to the mechanically-enhanced animals (who speak thanks to chips in their brains), and pro-animal rights stance.

Murphy also says that “It was at New Line, […] But the new New Line doesn’t want to do these kinds of movies. We have two really good prospects. [Producer] Susan [Montford] was able to get this film going just based on the treatment before the comic so we’ve been on this a while.”

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