Science fiction website io9 and DC/Vertigo artists’ blog Standard Attrition have premiered concept art from the upcoming adaptation of the classic British dystopic sci-fi comic “Judge Dredd”. You can check out the complete gallery of images by “Green Arrow; Year One” and “Hellblazer” artist Jock over at

Though no casting or director has been announced yet, the production team of the film, who have also worked on the sleeper British horror hit “28 Days Later” and dramatic sci-fi epic “Sunshine” have announced that it will not be a sequel to the 1995 Sylvester Stallone adaptation of the comic. Rather it will be an original adaptation of the comic on its own.

Judge “Joe” Dredd is premiered in the British science fiction anthology “2000 AD”, created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. He is the magazine’s longest running comic, ever since its first appearance in the second issue of “2000 AD” in 1977. Dredd is a law enforcement officer, known as a Judge, in an ultraviolent, futuristic city where the heavily armed and armored Judges are empowered to arrest, sentence and even execute criminals on the spot. Later revealed to actually be a clone of one of his city’s original Judges, he is seen in his world as one of greatest Judges of his time.

No release date has been issued yet.

Stay tuned to for more Judge Dredd news.

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  1. Since Judge Dredd was inspired by Spain under the fascist regime of General Franco a Spanish director would be appropriate. Maybe Guillermo del Toro?

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