Sci-fi website has a look at the trailer and an exclusive clip from actress and host of “The View” Whoopi Goldberg’s new web series, “Stream”. You can check both out here.

“Stream” is about a woman institutionalized for hallucinations, when in fact she is ricocheting through time, from her teenage years to the future to back to the present, seemingly without control. She must try to manage to get back in time to when she first started as a teen and find out what went wrong with her years ago, or she’ll be stuck streaming back and forth forever.

Goldberg, known for her stand-up comedy and radio and TV hosting as much as her acting, rose to sci-fi fame as the bartender Guinan on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, and is probably best known for her Academy Award for her role in the film “Ghost”. Since 2007 she has been one of the hosts of the acclaimed morning round table talk show “The View” on ABC.

The 6 episode series will be available to stream at acclaimed horror film website, known for its free movie streaming.

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