Lionsgate recently released this brand new movie trailer for the upcoming comedy “The Lucky Ones” by director Neil Burger (The Illusionist) and starring Tim Robbins (City of Ember, The Shawshank Redemption), Rachel McAdams (Ness) and Michael Pena (Shooter, Lions for Lambs).

Synopsis: After recovering from their wounds in the Iraq War, three soldiers are sent back to the United States. Sgt. T.K. Poole (Michael Pena) and Pvt. Colee Dunn (Rachel McAdams) are given a 30-day leave, and Sgt. Fred Cheever (Tim Robbins) is retiring. The three soldiers now have a new mission. T.K is going home to visit his fiancĂ©e, Colee is going to return her boyfriend’s guitar to his family after he saved her life, and Fred is going home to his wife in St. Louis. When they arrive at JFK Airport in New York, all fights have been canceled, because of a blackout. The three decide to rent a van and drive to St. Louis, and once there, T.K. and Colee can catch a plane to Las Vegas. What started out to be a short 14 hour trip ends up being a journey across America. Along the way, the three soldiers who had just met at JFK, become close friends.

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