Bloody Moon Films recently released this movie trailer for the film “Wolfsbayne” by director Ben Dixon (Shudder) and starring Jim O’Rear, Reggie Bannister (Phantasm, Carnies), Gunnar Hansen (Escape of the Living Dead), Linnea Quigley (Dead End) and Debbie Rochon.

Synopsis: In 1590, the Diet of Augsburg ruled that gypsies were the spawn of Satan and, therefore, had no rights whatsoever. The ruling allowed Christians to kill gypsies without penalty, which sparked the church to organize a small group of religious assassins to carry out the dirty work. Unfortunately, the band of killer priests were not informed that the gypsies had made a pact of protection with a powerful werewolf clan, so all hell broke loose. Four hundred years later, the bloody war between the church, gypsies and werewolves rages on and it’s up to a small-town police chief to end it or die trying.

Wolvesbayne Trailer from Leigh Scott on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “New Wolfsbayne Movie Trailer”
  1. I am not sure where this film is going as far as the story line is concerned, but I think we’ve seen it and heard all before with films like Underworld (which was great) and Twilight (which was horrible). I think we know the formula, one race of beings wishing to rule over the human class while the other race wishes co- existence and peace. Total domination = Total devastation. In these films it’s like watching the forces of super evil battle it out either within their clan or outside their clan with the other totally different group. All of this is happening, each group keeping the other in check with the human sheep in the middle with no clue to these underground or underworld activities. The trailer didn’t look promising, but I will keep my optimism until the movie drops me on my head, if ever.

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