Marvel Comics’ Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada recently spilled the beans to MTV News on a conversation he had with actor and director Kenneth Branagh, who has recently agreed to helm the live-action adaptation of Marvel’s “Thor”, the Norse god of thunder.

“We spent seven or eight hours with Kenneth where he meticulously took us through the beats of the ‘Thor’ movie along with [Marvel Studios head] Kevin Feige and our friends at Marvel West, […] We just sat there, and it was almost like he acted out the entire movie. […] He was reciting Thor stuff from the past, continuity events, quotes from different books, little bits and pieces from stories that he really found fascinating [ …] He really got it.”

Marvel’s Thor first appeared “Journey Into Mystery” in 1962, created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Larry Lieber. The actual Norse thunder god, he is cast down to Earth to act as its protector and learn humility by his father Odin. Under the human disguise of the lamed Dr. Donald Blake, he needs to only strike his walking stick to the ground to transform into his true form. The character has been a long-running Marvel staple, and is considered a founding member of the company’s flagship superhero team, the Avengers.

“Thor” has a tentative relase date of July 16th 2010, and is also rumored to play a part in the upcoming “Avengers” film, which is scheduled for a July of 2011 release.

Stay tuned to for more on Thor and other Marvel titles.

By Costa Koutsoutis, (Source: MTV Splashpage)

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