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Fall Pilots to Feature Character Crisis Not Office


Fall Pilots to Feature Character Crisis Not Office

According to various sources, a number of fall’s TV comedy pilots center around characters in crisis, reflecting lives similar to those watching.

Networks are reportedly staying away from office settings and instead are focusing on settings at home.

For instance, new CBS show “Waiting to Die” is said to be a “buddy comedy about two simple guys who are happy with their life, no matter how bad it might look from the outside.” Fox will debut “Two Dollar Beer”, which is about a blue-collar couple in Detroit who “deal with the reality of their long-standing roots in this community slowly becoming less relevant as the rest of the world passes them by.”

As for the tradition of premiering shows that feature young 20- to 30-somethings will now be shown as struggling, versus the perky, employed groups we’re used to.

On the flipside, creative teams have been pushing for various medical and police comedies, with four comedies in development about police officers or security guards.

It seems like the multi-camera style of comedies might also be out the window, stating that nearly 40% of all new pilots will feature single-camera style.

With tradition out the window, it will only be a matter of time until the viewers chime in and let the networks know if their work and creativity has paid off.

Author: Tessa Petrocco (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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Tessa Petrocco is a freelance graphic designer and media professional. She graduated magna cum laude from Kent State University in 2007, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Media Production. She moved to New York City that same year, where she worked as the Editorial Assistant and Content Coordinator for a popular film review website. Tessa enjoys spending time with her dog and boyfriend, knitting, volunteering and being a one-woman film reviewer.

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