Friday the 13th part 2
Photo from the remake of Friday the 13th Part 2.

The Hollywood Reporter says that New Line and Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes are moving ahead with a sequel to their Friday the 13th reboot.

The remake’s writers, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, have started working on a script for a new picture, which they say will steer away from the typical sequel.

Jason Voorhees will be the villain, but the sequel will use elements of the original franchise more as a jumping-off point than as a template since the filmmakers aren’t fans of the original series’ sequels.

There is no word if the reboot’s director, Marcus Nispel, will return for the sequel, as well as the movie’s surviving characters, played by Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti.

Padalecki and Righetti are on hit TV shows, “Supernatural” and “The Mentalist” respectively, so their schedules could be too overwhelming if a film is fit in as well.

There is no official green light for the Friday the 13th sequel, since the production companies are busy preparing their new reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street, but the property is still a studio favorite.

Friday the 13th earned the companies $70 million worldwide, and the companies have split profits.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2009) is set to film this spring. There is no official release date for the film.

By Tessa Petrocco (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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11 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Part II Remake Coming Soon”
  1. In this remake they should bring back Jenny Feild played by Amy Steel in the original part 2 and find a good actress for the part. Don’t bring back Jared Padeleckie he was aweful.

  2. I heard rumors of 3D and a winter setting, totally a great idea, just don’t put jason in a hooded sweatshirt like MM in the Halloween 2 remake, LAME.

  3. The only reason why i like friday the 13th is danelle panabaker and i wish she didnt die n the frst 1 but i hope tht they do make a second y so i can c it… daniellle panabaker rox!

  4. that would be so cool if Jared Padalecki came back to the sequal he was very good in that movie. It was one of the best Friday movies on TV. Can’t wait for the sequal.

  5. i dint like the remake as much as the originals cause the story of it was lost and when in the hell does jason run come on people if u r going to remake a movie keep to the original story please!!!

  6. The remake was great. I liked it as much if not better than the originals. And to robert friday fans….Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and go watch friday the 13th 2-4.Jason does in fact run in those films. He chases the last victims at the end of the films. He was still alive,as he is in this one(the remake) .In Part 4 of the originals, he is killed by the lil boy,and in part 6 they dig his body up and the lil boy now grown up stabs him while still in his grave with a metal fence rail. Lightning strikes the pole,bringing jason back to life. From the moment on ,Jason only walked in the rest of the films. This remake does in fact stay true to it’s roots.Also this new 2009 friday the 13th is a remake of all 4 of the originals.Go watch 1-4 and then watch the new one and you will see all four of those plots are squeezed into one in the new one.

  7. I think it would be cool if the filmmakers made the sequel to be set in a new camp on Crystal Lake, a modern day setting, less sex scenes, and bring back Adrienne King but, as a minnor role though. They could call it “Friday the 13th, Part II – The Legend of Camp Blood” and like maybe explain a liitle bit about Jason’s past. Hahaha wish I was a part of the Friday the 13th filmmakers group.

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