Days before the movie Watchmen is even released, the movie has already set a new record: the highest number of theaters to play an R-rated film ever, with 3,611 screens.

The Zack Snyder-helmed comic book adaptation will play in 1,600 locations Thursday at midnight, which is 656 more than Snyder’s movie 300 had for its midnight shows.

Snyder’s first night earnings for 300 was the second-highest ever for an R-rated movie with $28 million, with Warner Bros’ 2003 hit The Matrix Reloaded in the number one spot, earning over $42.5 million its opening night.

The Matrix Reloaded
had a 3,603-theater distribution for its entire run.

Warner Bros. Distribution President Dan Fellman said “After the success of 300, there wasn’t an exhibitor in the country who didn’t want to play Zack Snyder’s next movie.”

It is also reported that Watchmen will show on 124 IMAX screens, all of which will have midnight showings as well.

IMAX Filmed Entertainment President Greg Foster said, “If there weren’t midnight shows, there would be a riot. The demand is very, very strong.”

Foster added that the IMAX site crashed four times this week because of traffic surges by Watchmen fans looking for ticket information.

Watchmen opens nationwide tomorrow, March 6th.

By Tessa Petrocco (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

By Tessa Petrocco

Tessa Petrocco is a freelance graphic designer and media professional. She graduated magna cum laude from Kent State University in 2007, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Media Production. She moved to New York City that same year, where she worked as the Editorial Assistant and Content Coordinator for a popular film review website. Tessa enjoys spending time with her dog and boyfriend, knitting, volunteering and being a one-woman film reviewer.

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