Columbia Picturesm recently released this new movie still featuring Angelina Jolie (Changeling, Wanted) as Evelyn Salt from the upcoming film “Salt” by director Phillip Noyce (The Bone Collector, Patriot Games) and starring Liev Schreiber (Taking Woodstock, Defiance), Chiwetel Ejiofor (2012) and Marion McCorry (All Good Things).

Synopsis: Angelina Jolie stars as a CIA operative on the run in the spy thriller Salt, a Columbia Pictures production from writer Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium). Actor/director Phillip Noyce helms the picture, which focuses on the plight of a government agent who’s been wrongly accused of being a Russian assassin out to take down the U.S. president. – Jeremy Wheeler, All Movie Guide

Stay tuned to for the latest from “Salt”.

Angelina Jolie in Salt
Angelina Jolie in Salt

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One thought on “New Salt Photo Features Angelina Jolie”
  1. I would just like to say i look forward to seeing “Salt” because it takes place where im from in New York and a friend of the family is doing the special effects for the scene where they need to bust out a windshield on the on-ramp i may not be saying it right but his name is Jeff frosell! Well hopefully this movie turns out well!

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