Both IESB and Latino Film Review are reporting rumors that point heavily towards Chris Pine, who will be starring as the young James Tiberious Kirk in the upcoming Abrams “Stark Trek” movie May 8th, 2009, is in the top running, if not already tapped, to star as Hal Jordan in Warner’s “Green Lantern” movie.

The Green Lantern film, which was long-rumored and greenlight after the wild success of Warner’s “The Dark Knight”, is an adaptation of DC’s Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and is going to be directed by Martin Campbell.

The first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, was created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell and debuted in DC Comics’ “All-American Comics” #16 in 1940. Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern premiered in 1959 in DC’s “Showcase”, and was created by John Broome and Gil Kaine. Chosen for their willpower and for being utterly fearless, the Green Lanterns are intergalatic law enforcers who are armed with a power ring and lantern-shaped battery. The ring, controlled through their incredible force of will, can form almost any solid objects or energy forms out of green energy and is powered by the battery, allowing the to battle those who worship “evil’s might”. There have been several cahracters besides Scott and Jordan to use the rings and the name Green Lantern, including Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart.

“Green Lantern” is scheduled to hit theaters December 17th, 2010.

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