Well, last night kicked major ass! For my wife and I, The day started out regular enough, going thru the motions, doing our early morning thing. We were listening to the x103.9 morning show when they announced they’d be giving away tickets to the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in LA for tonight. And lo and behold my wife dialed and I won! And when I picked up the tickets, the lady at the station gave me an extra one for my sister-in-law cause, her birthday is coming up and she just kicked her whiny boyfriend to the curb! So we were stoked.

We got there a little late and had no idea what to expect. The place is small and very cozy, It’s regularly a club-hence the name Club Nokia, But it was nice. We opted for sitting over standing. So we got to sit on the balcony right over the stage. The Awards are the first ever American awards for metal music, which I love. We had a perfect view of the stage and we were so close, as the place only holds about 2000 people.

It was hosted by Brian Posehn, the fat creepy guy from the Sarah Silverman Show. He was pretty hilarious, making all sorts of very funny jokes-you’ll have to watch it-the jokes at the beginning were great. So the show begins, and it’s like most any awards show you’ve seen on tv, a famous person comes out and announces the award, the winner comes out and accepts it. But overall it was an awesome time. It was pretty entertaining even if you’re not a metal head. My wife had a blast, we had just gone and seen Slipknot last month and that was her first metal show ever!! There were some very cool performances by 5 bands: Killswitch Engage, Suicide Silence (my wife’s new favorite band!!), All that Remains, Hatebreed, and an awesome performance by Megadeth. But my highlights are probably, Slipknot(my fav) winning 2 awards, Lemmy from Motorhead presenting the Metal Industry Award to the very drunk owner of Rainbow Bar & Grill, Ozzy getting a Lifetime achievement award, the crowd booing Metallica cause they were not there, and the presenter storming off stage. Great show all in all, check it out on MTV2 on April 25th

Listen very closely; I’m the guy screaming my head off!!

Here is the list of winners!!

* Most Awesomely Good Drummer: Vinnie Paul Abbott (HELLYEAH, PANTERA)
* Best Underground Metal Band: ISIS
* Metal Industry Award: Rainbow Bar & Grill
* Best Album: METALLICA
* Honorary Headbanger: Kat Von D
* Golden God: Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH)
* Best Riff: SLIPKNOT
* Most Viral Video: PROTEST THE HERO
* Most Metal Athlete: Shaun White
* Best Live Band: SLIPKNOT
* Best New Talent: SUICIDE SILENCE
* Lifetime Achievement: Ozzy Osbourne
* Best International Band: DETHKLOK
* MySpace Readers’ Choice Award: THE ACACIA STRAIN
* Most Mind-Blowing Guitarist: Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King (SLAYER)
* Hottest Chick In Metal: Marta Peterson (BLEEDING THROUGH)

Revolvers Golden God Awards
Revolvers Golden God Awards

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  1. Watched the Golden Gods on tv. Whats up with the crowd?? The pan shots show the majority of the crowd standing still, stone-faced, with arms crossed.

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