Here’s another new movie still from the upcoming horror film “Halloween 2” aka H2: Halloween 2 by director Rob Zombie and starring Malcolm McDowell, Brad Dourif (The Kentucky Fried Horror Show), Danielle Harris (Left for Dead), Scout Taylor-Compton, Sheri Moon Zombie (Tyrannosaurus Rex) and Tyler Mane (Halloween).

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Original Synopsis: It is still Halloween, 1978, and Michael Myers is on the loose after escaping certain death at Dr. Loomis’ hands. By now, the entire sheriff’s department is hunting for him, and Laurie Strode – his intended victim – has been taken to Haddonfield Hospital to be treated for wounds inflicted by Michael. Only Loomis & Sheriff Brackett- whose daughter had been murdered by Myers – seem aware of Myers’ presence in the town, and a young man unknowingly alerts Myers to Laurie’s location. When Myers reaches the hospital he eliminates virtually the entire staff in his pursuit. Meanwhile, Marion Chambers – who had been assisting Loomis during the planned pickup of Myers for his trial – meets up with Loomis to advise him that Myers is after Laurie for 1 reason: she is his sister – born 2 years before he was committed. Loomis is forced to overpower the U.S. Marshal who was to return him to Smith’s Grove, and head for Haddonfield Hospital to stop Myers’ blood spree. But are they too late?

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Halloween 2 Movie Still
Halloween 2 Movie Still

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