Director Gore Verbinski passed on making more Pirates of the Caribbean films for Disney in exchange for tackling the big-screen adaptation of “Bioshock,” the Take-Two Interactive video game. Now Variety is reporting that pre-production on “Bioshock” has ground to a halt due to monetary issues.

Originally with a reported budget of $160 million, Verbinski and Universal are looking for less costly ways to film and until then, all progress on the film has halted, according to a report from Variety. One consideration is to move the production from Los Angeles to London, to take advantage of a tax credit opportunity.

Released in 2007, “Bioshock” has been met with positive fan and critical acclaim and is available on multiple platforms. A first-person shooter, you play a character exploring an underwater facility in an alternate-reality world of 1960, fighting against various machines and monsters. A sequel is set for release in September of 2009.

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Bioshock Photo
Bioshock Photo
2 thoughts on “Bioshock Production Halted”
  1. Have some respect, some people are actually especially proud of Bioshock. If you are going to write an article giving an overveiw of the game atleast get the details correct. Rapture ‘the world of Bioshock’ was built in what was supposed to be a 1940’s utopia ‘hence the art deco’, away from the handcuffs of morality. There are no mosters, there are genetic mutations ‘ a by product of a corrupt soiciety that has colapsed due to too much freedom’. Any gaming website worth it’s salt would have told you this within minutes of you beginning to read. Please be professional and do not mislead your readers.

  2. I am a devout fan of ‘Bioshock’ and I agree Simon that it deserves all the respect in the world. From the story, to the styling to the music it is an absolutely fantastic piece of work. I have played the game the game over and over again and know it almost out. I am a film student in South Africa and I dream about turning it into a feature almost every night. There is so much potential for an interesting filmic translation with 3 dimensional characters if the story is tweaked just a little. I hope that the film turns out to be everything that the game is and I have faith in the director Gore Verbinski to follow though. Just keep fighting for that budget you want Gore, and if you dont get it into production I vow to make it my own one day.

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