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No Doubt About It Gwen Stefani Should Be Stopped


No Doubt About It Gwen Stefani Should Be Stopped

There is No Doubt about it Gwen Stefani should be stopped!!!

On American Idol last week I was kinda excited, No Doubt was reunited and going to perform live. I am an old school No Doubt fan. I saw them waaaaaay back at The Barn in Riverside,CA and was blown away. If it wasn’t for them, Ska would never have had the impact it did. There were many girls I knew at the time, who were impacted by Gwen’s empowerment vibe because, she wasn’t a feminist, she was real. She just wanted guys to know women could take care of themselves. From classics like Just a Girl, Spiderwebs, Bathwater, and of course, Don’t Speak to the harder to find hardcore songs like Sunday Morning and I Saw Red (with Bradley Nowell), No Doubt had a definite style of their own.

So like I said, I was excited. I was ready to pretend the last 5 years didn’t happen. L.A.M.B. was non-existent, there was no Hollaback Girl, Wind It Up never got written. Oh…. I was ready!! Gwen was my little punk rock girl again!

Wait… WHO IS THIS?? Did Madonna cover Just a Girl? Did Gwen get diagnosed with epilepsy? She is flopping around like a dead fish and singing like a dying goose. I wasn’t mad, just embarrassed. How could you make a big deal of a reunion tour when it sounds like a bad karaoke song sung by a drunk girl. Even the band looked embarrassed. (check out drummer Adrian Young about 3/4 thru the song) I felt like Simon Cowell should have told her “it was hideous.”

They say they are putting out an album after the tour. Oh man.

I am scared!

By Dave Minyard

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Donna T.

    May 18, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. Gwen is out of control. She is 40 some years old acting like she’s 20, that is not okay in any situation, especially this one. I understand wanting to make that cheddar but could she have a little bit more humility and self respect…not only that but she is cheating her fans (of which, I am no longer). I have so far seen 2 of her television performances and not only is she acting a fool, she sounds like complete crap, she has really lost it and I’m glad I am not the only one who sees her for the fraud that she is. Maybe if she can figure out which direction she is going musically I could have a little bit more sympathy she is just all over the place….I guess now that the whole pop thing is going sour she realized that the money will be in more rock oriented songs….she (No Doubt) could have at least made a new album before touring with their old rundown crap. We’ll see if this so called new material they will be working on ever turns into anything good or anything at all.


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