Each week, available with a BK Kid’s Meal, is a Star Trek toy. With 16 toys available, there are going to be four toys offered each week for four weeks. 8 of the 16 toys are big headed figures about 3 inches tall and they each speak different phrases. Their quotes appear below:

Kirk- “Kirk to enterprise”

Old Spock- “Live long and prosper.”

Spock- “A rescue attempt would be illogical.”

Sulu- “Warp ?? Sir.”

Uhura- “Captain we’re being hailed!”

Chekov- “Ensign Chekov ???”

Scotty- “I’m givin it all she’s got captain!!”

McCoy- “I’m a doctor, not a physicist.”

The other toys include 6 vehicles, a tricorder, and a communicator. They also have sound effects. They appear below:

Shuttle- “Approaching drop zone.”

Warbird- “Varrrroooommmm”

Kelvin- “Red alert!”

Enterprise- “Whoooshhh”

Jellyfish- “You’re gonna be able to fly this thing, right?”


Tricorder- “Star date: 2248.42”

Communicator- “Beam me up!”

Now, I am a collector of cinematic figures and statues, so, usually toys in kid’s meals do not impress me. These actually have a very cool quality to them. I’m not sure how many were made so I can’t say what collectible value they might have but, I can say they are really cool for kids and Trekkie’s alike. I think anyone can enjoy these toys. They are very well made and seem very durable.

Burger King will also offer four Star Trek collectible glasses, one available for purchase each week. Each glass comes in a ultra cool box that features a ship and a checklist on the back. The glasses are Kirk/Enterprise, Uhura/Enterprise, Nero/Narada, and Spock/Original Spock with Jellfish Ship. These are probably the best restaurant glass premiums since the 1977 Star Wars glasses and certainly the best Star Trek glasses ever made. Next to each of the characters is a clear delta insignia that allows for you to see the image on the back of the glass framed and almost as if third dimensional. All around the glass are frosted etchings of the ships and the Star Trek logo. The glasses are real glass and very cool, looking great as a display and certainly worth getting more than one for use and safe keeping.

All in all, I think that Burger King out did themselves with these promo items. The glasses will probably have a very high collectible value in the future.

That being said: Live long and prosper!

By Dave Minyard

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  1. Is that what the Chekov toy says? “Ensign Chekov Pavel Andreivich, sir”
    I’ve been trying to figure out what they thing says.

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