1. Where did you come up with the name Pilot Speed?

It was kinda a weird process. As a result of legal issues in the states, we were forced to change the name from Pilate. Our goal was to come up with something we liked but was also linked in a way to the old name; thus Pilot Speed. There’s no deep meaning, it’s real just a handle. As irrelevant and separate from who we are as our own names…

2. What bands influence you as a band and individually?

I think our influences have changed many times over the years. Both as a band and individually. IT goes without saying that we were all fans of brit rock growing up. In many ways we have since moved on from that. However those influences are obviously in all of our work. Personally the last 3-4 years have seen me obsessed with American music. Whether it be Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty. I think each member brings his influences to the table. The are forever changing…

3. How have you grown musically since your prior album?

I think this is our best album. I think the songs are better, and I think we are more defined as a band. I would hope that the music and the band have grown. Don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about that stuff.

4. If you had to pick one song that best represents Pilot Speed (besides your single) which song would it be and why?

Not sure. If you asked each band member you’d probably get 4 different answers. Maybe none of them would be correct. Sometimes I think these types of questions are best answered by an outsider. Someone who is not stuck inside the process. However, I do think the song wooden bones would be a popular answer inside our band. It’s unique and has a nice mix of formula and adventure…

5. What major differences have you noticed between Canadian and American audiences?

Can’t say to be honest. I think the differences from state to state or city to city are more pronounced than any difference between the countries. There’s so many criteria that determine the performers perception of an audience. Not the least of which being, how well they played. People are the same everywhere, they like to be social and they love music. IF there’s alcohol present it more often than not makes the experience more pleasurable for everyone involved…

6. Do you have any upcoming tours to tell us about?

Well, we actually start tomorrow. We will spend the next month in the South West United states.

7. What is your most memorable show so far and what is your dream gig?

I always say that the most memorable shows are either the incredibly good ones, or the horribly bad ones. The rest kinda blur into one large memory. Shows in Edmonton, AB always seem to be great… It also has a lot to do with the bands you are touring with as well. Touring can have it’s challenges, so it’s nice when you enjoy the music of the other bands on the bill. Great crowds, great rooms and great performances make for great shows I guess. However there are always surprises. The shitty little club filled with people for example, can be great. Where everyone’s right on top of you. I remember shows when we were horrible, shows when someone fired off mace in the crowd. Just got to move on from those I guess.

As for a dream show, I don’t know. Any show where everything comes off and we acquit ourselves well; that’s a dream show. Not sure I spend a lot of time thinking about who we’d love to play with. It’s not always as simple as that.

By Dave Minyard

Pilot Speed Album Wooden Bones
Pilot Speed Album Wooden Bones

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