Here’s the first vidcast from the set of ‘Puppet Master: Axis of Evil” in China. Here’s what Charles Band (Puppetmaster, Evil Bong II: King Bong, Trancers) had to say about the project.

“We’re shooting our most ambitious film in years: Puppetmaster: Axis of Evil! This project was extremely difficult to put together but we’re ready and we will be making a kick-ass film! and since many of you have asked – There is a new far-out and awesome puppet in it!”

He goes on to say “Last but not least!!! We will be doing a vidcast every day from the set of Puppetmaster: Axis of Evil in China!!! This is a first for us! Just go to starting next tuesday June 16th and watch us make this movie! Daily vidcasts from the set of Puppetmaster: Axis of Evil!!! See you all in China!!!”

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