Alice in Chains have just posted their newest single, “Check My Brain,” on their Myspace page. The single comes off the highly anticipated album Black Gives Way To Blue – scheduled for release on September 29th.

About The Band: Conceived during a Seattle party in 1987, Alice in Chains ascended to stardom by advancing the 1990s grunge scene alongside Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, despite lying sonically closer with heavy metal and hard rock. Dark, intense, and harrowingly introspective, Alice in Chains offers a bleak portrait of life‚ and most unspoken afflictions. And yet still, the band has always maintained a distinct melodiousness which propels them far beyond the confines of genre, reaching an audience as wide-ranging as their music‚ and themes are universally relevant. The result of this unique appeal is clear, having sold more than ten million albums worldwide and gathering six Grammy nominations. The band suffered the tragic death of singer Layne Staley in 2002, but their legacy remains as leaders of a rare breed of heavy metal bands worthy of critical acclaim while staying true to their down-tuned, nihilistic base. 2005 saw the newest stage of the band, introducing vocalist William DuVall and bringing Alice in Chains to a whole new generation of fans…

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2 thoughts on “Alice in Chains Unveil New Single Check My Brain”
  1. Love AIC but they’ll never be the same without Staley. On another note… how does one go about “UNVEAL’ing something? I would assume that means to remove the baby cow from something, Oh wait…you meant “unveil” didn’t you? Spell check is a wonderful thing – Firefox has it built in ya know?

  2. For Dave: where do you see “unveal”? I see the word unveil clearly, so either they fixed it before I saw this article which means they actually read these comments, or you’re seeing something I’m not.

    Anyhow, it goes without saying that AIC will never be the same without Layne and Jerry has said the same thing, saying that they’re not interested in stepping on Layne’s legacy and “you can’t replace a guy like Layne Staley”. I think the guys are going out there because they enjoy playing together and are proud of the music they made with Layne, that we all still love and want to hear. Naturally, these guys are musicians and they still want to create new music so they’re doing their best to keep the signature sound intact without betraying Layne. AC/DC is doing the same, INXS is doing the same and everybody wins. I am very impressed with “A Looking In View” and it definitely boasts the signature sound of AIC. A key thing to remember is that Jerry Cantrell is a HUGE part of the vocal sound that is on every track they’ve done and while it’s sad that Layne can’t contribute any longer, Jerry can keep the new music in line with the legacy.

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