The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Devon Graye (Showtime’s “Dexter”) will star alongside CJ Thomason , Tammin Sursok, and Wes Chatham in the horror film “Husk” from After Dark Films/Lionsgate.

Brett Simmons, who is directing the project, also wrote the script. “Husk” is based on Simmons’ short film that played at Sundance in 2005. The story finds a group of friends who end up stranded in an isolated farmland where they discover that the crow-infested cornfields all around them are inhabited by reanimated human scarecrows, intent on making the group join their ranks.

Filming has already begun in Iowa. Courtney Solomon, Stephanie Caleb, Moshe Diamant and Limor Diamant are producing “Husk” for After Dark.

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By Costa Koutsoutis (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

One thought on “Three Join Husk From After Dark”
  1. The short film version of Husk screened at Sundance in 2005, and NOT last year as you stated in the release. It is really frustrating to think of the state of journalism when writers can not get a simple fact straight. And a fact that is so easily researched. That’s either lazy writing or fraudulant propaganda.

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