Variety is reporting that Platinum Studios and producer Tony Krantz will be developing a live-action adaptation of the Platinum Studios graphic novel “Mal Chance.”

Scott Murphy will be helming the adaptation. Krantz is best known for producing “24” and “Mulholland Drive,” and will be working alongside Platinum Studios CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. The Greenberg Group’s Randy Greenberg and Ross Dinerstein of Flame Ventures are onboard as executive prouducers as well.

“Mal Chance” tells the story of Lola, a member of an ancient clan of assassins. Lola is targeted for death by a powerful gangster, and must team up with the one honest FBI agent around to save her skin and bring down the gangster’s operations, all while keeping her true nature a secret from the FBI agent.

Stay tuned to for more “Mal Chance” news and updates.

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Mal Chance
Mal Chance

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