Watch episode 401 “Living The Dream” from the hit series “Dexter” Season 4. The hit Showtime series “Dexter” season 4 stars Michael C. Hall ( Game ), Julie Benz ( Saw V, Punisher: War Zone ), C.S. Lee and Jennifer Carpenter ( Quarantine ). New episodes Sundays 9pm ET/PT only on Showtime.

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Synopsis: The Showtime Original Series DEXTER is back. Now with a wife and kids in tow, Americas favorite serial killer has more to lose than ever as he gets drawn into a deadly game with a killer every bit as dangerous – and complicated – as he is.

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4 thoughts on “Watch Dexter Season 4 Episode 1”
  1. Dexter simply is the best thing on TV. Everything from cast to crew is superb. Marcos Siega is an awesome director. This is the only series to actually get me on the edge of my seat & hanging out for each and every episode. Season 4 with Lithgow is shaping up awesome already. Man he looks good as the trinity killer!
    Can’t believe MCH lost out to what’s his face from Breaking Bad again at the Emmys.. WTF?

  2. Gr8 Show. I can’t believe I stayed up all night (one time), to watch all of Season 3 on DVD. I loved MCH from Six Feet Under–but he is even better in Dexter.

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