is reporting that Twentieth Century Fox and Electronic Arts will be turning the popular EA video game “Spore” in a full-length animated feature.

Chris Wedge (“Ice Age”) is attached to helm, and Greg Erb and Jason Oremland (“The Princess And The Frog”, Ben Stiller’s “The Return Of King Doug”) are writing the script. EA and Blue Sky Studios, who worked on “Ice Age” and “Robots” will handle the animation/CGI.

The game, which was released in September 2008, allows players to create their own creatures and the worlds they live in from the single-celled beginning, as well as share their creatures and worlds with others over the Internet.

Stay tuned to for more “Spore” movie news.

By Costa Koutsoutis (Source: Variety)

One thought on “Fox Bringing Spore To The Big Screen”
  1. I’ve read so much bad reviews about this upcoming film. Why don’t we give this game-to-movie adaptation a chance? With great director, nice graphics and exceptional storyline, we’ll never know, it might become one of the best animated films! :)

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