Scores: Technical: 100, Story: 99, Acting: 100, Overall: 99

A barber, who is getting ready to close up for the night receives an intriguing late minute guest and a curious customer comes knocking on the door, none of them are what they pretend to be, but one thing is certain: it will be an thrilling and surprising experience!

Wet Shave is the award winning short film by Boris Schaarschmidt and starring Bob Franco, Birgit Meyer, and Chris J. Milo was screened on Thursday August 6th at the 1st Annual Carnival of Darkness short film festival.

Boris Schaarschmidt is an up and coming German filmmaker and graduet of the AFI who had the honor to get choosen by Quentin Tarantino himself to work as German Subtitle Assistant/translator on Inglourious Basterds.

This film is one of the most original short films I think I have ever seen. The camera work is great, the
acting is superb, and the story almost moves like an urban legend. Its one of those films that keep you guessing until the end and then you can’t stop talking about it. There was a lack of any back story but that is what made it good. I definitely recommend seeing this.

Also keep an eye out for the upcoming The Devil in the Kitchen which is also directed by Boris Schaarschmidt, starring the always great, Tracy Coogan as well as the up and coming Herbert M. Brindl (who also wrote the film) and former Miss Ireland, the beautiful Olivia Tracy.

By Dave Minyard

By dave

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