Here’s a brand new interview with makeup artist Rick Baker at the Chiller-Eyegore Awards 2009 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

About The Chiller Eyegore Awards 2009: Actor Corey Feldman hosted the program and director Rob Zombie (Filmmaker of the Year for “Halloween II”), actor Tobin Bell (the “Saw” series of films) and six-time Oscar-winning special effects makeup artist Rick Baker were among the honorees, the latter honored with the “Jack Pierce- Lifetime Achievement Award” for his many contributions to the horror genre.

Previous Eyegore Award recipients have included Alice Cooper, Patricia Arquette, Janet Leigh, Roger Corman, Jennifer Tilly, Joss Whedon, Rob Zombie, Karen Black, Clive Barker, Julie Benz, Shawnee Smith, Sherri Moon Zombie, Tobe Hooper, Bill Moseley and Corey Feldman.

Stay tuned to for the latest news and interviews from The Chiller-Eyegore Awards 2009 and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

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