On Friday the 13th of November, the last episode of Netflix’s web series “Splatter” will premiere for free at Netflix.com. Joe Dante, director of “Splatter,” will be guest tweeting on www.twitter.com/netflix from 11 am – 12 pm PT on Thursday, November 12 to answer questions and talk about “Splatter.”

“Splatter,” directed by Joe Dante, features Corey Feldman as Johnny Splatter, a musical genius who accumulated as many hit records as he did enemies while climbing up the fame ladder. His sudden death, ruled a suicide, brings a small circle of professional parasites and hangers-on to his Hollywood Hills mansion for the reading of his last will and testament. But as his “frenmies” come to pick the bones clean, Johnny has returned for a deadly encore long after what they thought was his final curtain.

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