According to a report by Heat Vision, Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman are producing a big-screen adaptation of “Sgt. Rock”, the WW2 comic book from DC Comics. Francis Lawrence (“I Am Legend”, “Constantine”) is directing the project, based on a script by Chad St. John (“The Days Before”).

Andrew Rona of Silver Pictures is also onboard as a producer, and Kerry Foster is the project’s executive producer. Joel Silver has been trying to get the project off the ground for the past 20 years.

Debuting in 1959, DC’s Sgt. Frank Rock was the leader of his WW2 infantry unit called Easy Company. He first appeared in “Our Army at War,” and in 1977 the comic was renamed “Sgt. Rock”. The title ran until 1998.

Stay tuned to for more on “Sgt. Rock”.

By Costa Koutsoutis (Source: Heat Vision)

Sgt. Rock Comic Book
Sgt. Rock Comic Book

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