Title: Evilution

Directed by: Chris Conlee

Starring: Starring: Eric Peter-Kaiser, Sandra Ramirez, Tim Colceri and Noel Gugliemi

Scores: Technical: 85, Story: 89, Acting: 79, Overall: 85

Evilution… I took one look at the cover art and expected some over the top, b-movie mush that you have playing in the background, while you’re playing Left 4 Dead. But I actually made it through with out being disinterested.

Don’t get me wrong, yes, there are plenty of cheesy parts and acting. But all in all it was pretty entertaining.

Evilution is a story of an Alien substance that seems to take over the host when injected and, turns them into (YEAH!!!) zombies. The government tries to use it as a weapon, but that fails miserably. Right before they pull the plug and blow up the whole research facility, a Army scientist escapes with the “substance” and moves into the ghetto to continue his research.

The pace of the movie is slow at times and there is a “little bit” of overacting…but it is a fun movie. It had a pretty solid plot and pretty entertaining dialogue. Even the gangbangers were kinda fun in their own way. The gore was acceptable and not too tame but not to over the top either.

Evilution is a fun zombie flick with its fair share of horror mixed in. It is worth a view if you are looking for an entertaining zombie movie.

By Dave Minyard

Evilution Movie Poster
Evilution Movie Poster

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