Watch the official teaser trailer for the upcoming film “The Artifice”. According to the filmmakers The Artifice is a feature length psychological drama that aims to take the next step by making the process of film making just as intriguing and mysterious for the audience as the film itself.

For more information about “The Artifice” visit the official website and the facebook pan page here.

Synopsis: “Imagine if you had the ability to see every tiny connection, every movement, every decision, every concept, and every consequence. Would you embrace this gift or try to hide it would you be able to use it without effect or would this knowledge change your life forever?

The Artifice aims to explore the subject of a deeper awareness through characters and situations that we see in everyday life. Its not about intergalactic space travel, lost civilizations, or people from the future. Its about us; who we are, who we have and always will be; The Artifice is now.”

“The Artifice” arrives on January 30th, 2010. Stay tuned to for the latest.

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