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Stephenie Meyer Talks About Splitting Breaking Dawn


Stephenie Meyer Talks About Splitting Breaking Dawn

Writer Stephenie Meyer responds to the rumors that “Breaking Dawn” will be split up into two movies. Breaking Dawn stars Robert Pattinson from The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Runaways), Nikki Reed (K-11), Ashley Greene (Skateland), Taylor Lautner, (My Own Worst Enemy), Jackson Rathbone (S. Darko) Dakota Fanning and Kellan Lutz.

“Just a quick note on the subject of the Breaking Dawn film: there is no drama over whether the book should be one movie or two. My personal feeling is that it would be very difficult to cram the whole story into one movie (as I’ve said in many interviews previous to this), but if a great way of doing that surfaces, I’m all for it. Two or one, whichever way fits the story best is fine by me, and everyone I’ve spoken with at Summit seems to feel the same way. We’re all excited to move forward on this, and we are slowly and surely getting there. I know people are anxious for news, and so sometimes gossip get fabricated to stir things up, but there’s no basis to this particular story.” – Stephenie Meyer

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Breaking Dawn Movie Poster by Grodansnagel

Breaking Dawn Movie Poster by Grodansnagel

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