BRAMPTON, ON (JAN.23, 2010) – From the producers that brought you “Slightly Used” (Neil Green, Scott Hilton) and “Silent But Deadly” (Jason Mews, William Sadler), comes the disturbing new horror film, “Black Eve”.

At the wheel of “Black Eve” is director and horror guru, Ryan M. Andrews (A New Design, Behind Closed Doors).  Some of Toronto’s finest and hottest rising stars have joined the cast of Fusion Film Entertainments’ second feature including; Veronika London (Lingerie, (HBO Series) who was also named by Maxim Magazines’ “the Megan Fox of  Hollywood North”, Neil Green (Slightly Used, A New Design) and Canadian hip hop sensation, Peter Jackson, who recently signed with Fontana/Universal and has a hot new track (Indian Girl) getting major air time and exposure on Much Music, Flow 93.5, Z103, and Virgin 99.9.
This blood bath horror flick “Black Eve” begins production on Sunday, January 24th, 2010 at the recently abandoned Sears Building at Shoppers World in Brampton, Ontario.  

“Black Eve” centers around a woman with psychic abilities, who retraces the last steps of her fellow guests at a Halloween party, in a closed down department store, who all turn up dead by morning. Black Eve takes a new and twisted look at your typical horror film giving the audience twists and turns from every direction, while still maintaining a solid and well defined story line.

“Black Eve” will be shot over February 2010.  “Black Eve” is the first of many feature films Fusion Films Entertainment plans to produce over the next year.

Black Eve Movie Poster
Black Eve Movie Poster

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