Title: Remember Me

Directed By: Allen Coulter

Starring: Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, Ruby Jerins, Tate Ellington

We can’t expect every movie to be good, but there’s nothing worse than walking out of a theater downright angry. Overall, Remember Me is rather boring, but manages to squeeze in a few powerful moments making it worthwhile. But when a real life tragedy is used as a last ditch effort to evoke emotion, Remember Me transforms into something you’ll be eager to forget.

Edward Cullen, er – Robert Pattinson leads as Tyler, an NYU student who’s undecided – about everything. He adores his young sister, Caroline (Ruby Jerins), but struggles with his father’s (Pierce Brosnan) negligence. Compounding the issue is a recent family tragedy filling Tyler with resentment and rage. During one of his outbursts, a noble effort goes wrong and Tyler assaults a cop (Chris Cooper) earning him and his best pal, Aidan (Tate Ellington), a night in prison. When Aidan sees this cop dropping his daughter (Emilie de Ravin) off at an NYU building, he sees it as an opportunity to seek some revenge. He dares Tyler to approach her and when he does, a harmless gag becomes a budding relationship.

Ally manages to console Tyler to a degree, but harbors troubles of her own. When she was just a young girl, Ally witnessed the fatal shooting of her mother. Ever since, it’s been she and her father living together in their humble abode in Queens. An alcohol induced mishap, prevents Ally from phoning home to inform daddy she’ll be spending the night out. When she returns the next morning he lashes out to excess and she flees into Tyler’s arms. Being bed buddies pushes their relationship into overdrive, growing ever so close to one another and attempting to guide each other through their dysfunctional lives.

You know when you’re in a daze and someone shouts your name? It’s like a bolt of electricity zips through you’re body returning you to consciousness. That’s the effect Pattinson has on this movie. Yes, I’m a girl and yes, I find Pattinson quite good looking and clearly that has an effect on this film. Remember Me moves at a snail’s pace nearly lulling you to sleep at times, but then Pattinson gives you a leer with a twinkle in his eye restoring your senses. His natural appeal isn’t his only ability; to Twilight haters surprise, Pattinson is a fairly good actor as well. It’s just too bad the story is a major snoozer.

The dialogue is natural, but predictable creating a desperation to get the show on the road. When Tyler approaches Ally for the first time, it’s far too obvious his advances will be rejected and ultimately reversed setting the stage for the first date. Further tarnishing the moment is the fact that Aidan’s whole get-back-at-the-mean-cop plan is unfounded. In fact, it’s completely unnecessary. The concept is used as a contrivance to justify dad eventually needing to settle the score with Tyler for his daughter’s sake. Whether or not this ploy existed, the altercation has the same impact.

However, Remember Me does have its moments. The chemistry between Pattinson and de Ravin is uncanny, but the connection that’s far more memorable is that between Tyler and Caroline. Not only are the scenes shared between Pattinson and Jerins the most effective instances, they lend Pattinson’s character a very necessary softness. His passion for his sister’s happiness transpires to his lack of ardor towards his father. Brosnan does stern and heartless quite well enhancing Pattinson’s more emotional outbursts. The two share a particularly compelling moment after Brosnan’s character backs out of Caroline’s art show.

However, anything Remember Me accomplishes is lost thanks to an insultingly inappropriate ending. The film carries on at a leisurely pace, delivering minimal sentiment and then hits you with a grandiose and invalidated finale. This error could be overlooked had it not been based on a true event. Yes, the film takes place in the year this tragedy occurred and, if attempting to reflect the year accurately, this incident’s inclusion is necessary. But why set it in that time period to begin with? All this event’s insertion accomplishes is ruining the movie’s few achievements and leaving viewers in disgust. This is a true story that had a serious impact on people throughout the world, not a device to garner some last minute emotion.

By Perri Nemiroff

Official Remember Me Movie Poster
Official Remember Me Movie Poster

By Perri Nemiroff

Film producer and director best known for her work in movies such as FaceTime, Trevor, and The Professor. She has worked as an online movie blogger and reporter for sites such as CinemaBlend.com, ComingSoon.net, Shockya, and MTV's Movies Blog.

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  1. I thought this movie was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It is definetly worth seeing. It had a good romance in the movie and drama in the family. Overall a very good movie. I think you should go see it! :)

  2. well, i like the movie, in my opinion everything was great and i cried at the end it was really sad, but in general the movie was adorable, and Robert Pattinson looked great!

  3. What a stupid review! The little “Edward Cullen, er- Robert Pattinson” comment early on should be a lead to what Perri Nemiroff has in his fish tank. After watching the movie I thought it a fairly typical love story, much like Titanic or From Here to Eternity. I never thought of those as having a “last ditch effort to evoke emotion” Perhaps Mr Nemiroff should look at the story with more of a impartial, unbiased mentality. That is if the fish will let him.

  4. I think the movie looks really good. I am going to go see it tomorrow, and I have been looking forward it for months now. I love Robert Pattison and the work that he does. I think he is a very talented actor, and those who dont like him just leave your comments to yourself! Thanks!

  5. 1. When I first read reviews for RM and heard that it ended with a 9/11 twist – I was hesitant to feel anything at all for this movie (I think I did I feel disgusted, at first). REASON: as a US Marine who served in Afghanistan and lost several friends as a result of 9/11 – I am emotionally invested in this piece of American history (just like others on this board, I’m sure). I wasn’t ready to jump on the RM bandwagon, even if RPattz was the lead. <3 But after watching this movie last night I can wholeheartedly say that the film does not exploit 9/11 in any way, shape or form. It is very respectful of this tragic event and I think one of the many take home messages is that we should appreciate/cherish/do right by our loved ones because you never know when their time is up.

    2. I am thoroughly impressed by Robert’s performance. He’s got some great range :) BRAVO RM cast! You all did a fantastic job! I loved Ruby, Emilie, Pierce… everyone!!

    3. This movie sparked a TON of thought and discussion when my friends & I got home last night… just like art should. Again, terrific job guys! I sincerely hope the film does really well.

  6. 1. When I first read the reviews for RM and heard that it ended with a 9/11 twist – I was hesitant to feel anything at all for this movie. REASON: as a US Marine who served in Afghanistan and lost several friends as a result of 9/11 – I am emotionally invested in this piece of American history (just like others on this board, I’m sure). I wasn’t ready to jump on the RM bandwagon, even if RPattz was the lead. <3 But after watching this movie last night I can wholeheartedly say that the film does not exploit 9/11 in any way, shape or form. It is very respectful of this tragic event and I think one of the many take home messages is that we should appreciate/cherish/do right by our loved ones because you never know when their time is up.

    2. I am thoroughly impressed by Robert’s performance. I mean, wow! He’s got some great range :) BRAVO RM cast! You all did a fantastic job! I loved Ruby, Emilie, Pierce… everyone!!

    3. This movie sparked a TON of thought and discussion when my friends & I got home last night… just like art should. Again, terrific job guys! I sincerely hope the film does really well.

  7. that is the worst review ever…you can’t get it out of your mind that he was Edward Cullen. YES! he was and YES! it made him famous but that means nothing, this a completely different story line and he did wonderful in it. Not one time in the movie did I feel disappointed. You are a horrible critic!

  8. Holly agress with Holly – SEE THE MOVIE – is a refreshing movie about just people and their imperfect selves – is not about dragons, war, spys, fantasy romance, supernatural whatever, foulmouthed losers, fantasy teenagers, and not CGI-d to death for the big bucks. I take issue with reviewers’ cynical presumptions that every aspect of a movie must have a manipulative angle behind it – sometimes a storyteller just tells a story folks. From the ‘reality is stranger than fiction’ point of view – even though it is fiction – it feels like the story was inspired by hard-to-believe fact (who knows?), so much so that my husband who wasn’t so up on this movie until AFTER it was over asked ‘was this a true story?’ and in the end decided he appreciated the movie after all… Would reviewers have a different take if it WERE a true story?

    Seems reviewers are all over the place on this one – which probably means it will win Oscars next year. See it now – is certainly more intense on the big screen – so you can appreciate it better on your little ‘tv set’ later.

  9. .Why are some so put off at the mention of 9/11. I am a New Yorker and am offended that some would prefer that 9/11 never be mentioned. I found this to be portrayed with exquisite taste. I was shocked and it touched me. I was crying as many others in the movie, but was proud that someone took the chance to remind everyone that 9/11 did happen and should be remembered. I intend to see the movie again. I thought the performance by Rob Pattinson captured the mood and feeling of someone going through what he was (not wanting to give away anything). Great job.

  10. I am not a film critic, but I am an avid movie buff and I could not disagree more with this review. I loved the film. To me it was a tribute to the people who died on 9 11. There were no graphic photographs, no gratuitous tugging at emotions. This movie from start to finish had excellent performances from every cast member top to bottom.led by the exceedingly likeable Robert Pattinson. You grew to care about Tyler Hawkins over the course of the film. You wanted him to resolve his issues, get over the death of his brother, find a bridge back to his father, continue to be a hero to his little sister, and you wanted his new and poignant relationship with Aly to work; two broken souls healing each other.. At the end of the movie, when the camera panned back and you could see the twin towers standing tall and strong with the Statue of Liberty in the background, to me the film was saying Remember Me. Remember all of the beloved brothers, sons, lovers, and friends who parished in a heart beat on that horrific day. Don’t forget us. This movie allowed each of us to experience the tragic and completely unnecessary loss of someone we care about. If there is a message from 9 11 and from Remember Me it is don’t take the people in your life for granted. Love them while they are with you and never forget them when they are gone. I think the reviewer here should go back to the theater one more time, get off his or her high horse and look at how beautifully this story was crafted. I will definitely buy this film for my DVD library when it becomes available.

  11. I totally disagree with the disingenuous outcry of exploitation of the 911 tragedy – what is appalling and cheap is the critics’ use of that tragedy as a means to denigrate a good meaningful movie. It’s not the first movie nor should it be the last movie that reminds us of the thousands of lives lost on that horrific day. A very good perspective was written by Ramin Setoodeh in Newsweek – I RECOMMEND IT HIGHLY.

  12. I completely agree with F Fischer’s comments on this one! This was a deep movie on many levels and not just a romantic movie as the trailer suggests. I think that the ending was an appropriate portrayal of 9/11 and it tied in with other pieces of the story. It did not appear to be a last minute appeal for emotions as Mr. Nemiroff suggests.

  13. Wow, this is a rather harsh review for such a fantastic film. One thing that often occurs in the portrayal of 9/11 is the tragedy that followed. We all know that. What this film presented was brilliantly done as the tragedy that can occur before. Every single day. Most of the world wept 9/11. I certainly did- and i didn’t know a single person that was personally effected. Pattinson did such a good job (And for me, he seriously needed to redeem himself after twilight).

    It’s a real shame you didn’t enjoy it Perri. My friends and I haven’t wow’d so much since the six sense, with twice the emotional impact.

    Brilliant film.

  14. The movie was so stupid I cannot explain, I went last night to see it, and we were 10 people all together. Robert Pattison is a good actor but thats not enough because the movie itself is stupid, boring, not romantic at all…. dont waste your time and money ….its not worth going to the theater for this movie

  15. As a former flight attendant for United Airlines. I was suppose to work flight 93 on 9/11. I really love Rob Pattinson, but this movie had a horrible ending. I didn’t enjoy the movie rather was disappointed with Rob Pattinson acting. he was unemotional like Edward Cullen and needs to get some more acting lessons. Rob stick w/ vamps. 2 thumbs down. The ending would have been better if you killed the father on his way back to his office. Be a little more considerate of the people who go see the movie and had a direct link to 9/11. Sad!

  16. Terrible movie. Pattison was the waekest link . Who told him he can act? Pathetic misery, one dimentional and dry. No connection to the leading lady- great actress. He is very uncomfortable in emotional, kissing scenes. Strange for youg actor. Very slow. I can not read his inner vice. What a waste of time. The exploitation of 911 events is beyond poor taste. I went to see it for my sis. Next time she drives herself to see that “star”

  17. Waste of time ans asult of good taste. Last time I went to movie with my sis. Exploitation if the actor, audience and 911 events. Shame on you!

  18. This movie really touched me. I thought it was well done and I think that the 9-11ending really brought home two things to me. 1. 9-11 touched the lives of many people who were living life and working through troubles and their life line ended much to soon. Those every day people should be remembered. 2. Touch some one and really care about those around you because you never know…

  19. I do not agree at all with this review. true i was shocked at the end, but i believe that thwey protrayed 9/11 with grace and respect. This was a great movie, R. Pattison showeed great range and was a complete 180 from the twilight series. The dynamic with his younger sister in the movie was really great, reminded of my husband and his sister. The love story was wel written and the fact that the movie ended with him dying at the World Trade center was a great way to end this film, I cried as soon as i figured out the ending from the date on the chalk board. 9/11 hit the USA hard, and This movie makes you think about your family and the ones you love, and how grateful you should be to have them. It was done in good taste and evryone is entitled to thier opinion, but by the comments ive read so far, the country disagrees. Remember Me is most defintely a film i will remember.

  20. ok i have never responded to one of these ever but i just wanna say that i dont understand at all why anyone would be offended by the 911 reference at the end. bc it was a shock? 911 was a shock, that no one expected. I dont believe at all that it was just something thrown in to cast emotion out of the audience as a last effort. The way i see it, is the movie is called “Remember Me”, and in my opinion that is exactly what we are forced to do because of this film. 911 happened. peoples mothers, brothers, sisters,fathers, bestfriends died that day, and in this amazing film we are reminded of that. We saw a boy, someone who was real and faced many struggles in his short life. We saw how much he meant to the people around him. We saw someone who could of been any of those ppl who lost their lives that day. Why is that so appauling to people?! I really dont feel that anything was exploited at all. And as far as the acting, i truly believe that it was amazing and envoked real and true emotion, at least in the theatre i saw it in, ppl clapped, ppl cried. I think some just have a tainted view of rob bc of twilight, but the fact is that he did a fantastic job in this film. I am passionate about this movie, it is rare that i am moved like this by a film. and of any i have seen that referenced 911 or are about 911 i was most moved by this one. For the ppl that do not have direct ties to this tragedy, it makes such a big impact. Throughout the movie you become emotionally invested in the main characters life. In the end when the audience realizes what has happened and the sequence following of his family and friends reactions and life thereafter flashes across the screen, you get an honest and pure interpretation of the pain, shock, and sadness that that day caused so many familes across the nation. But Great great film, and if you havent seen it and are reading bad reviews i URGE you to please go see it and form your own opinions. and TRY as hard as it might seem, to forget twilight and have an unbiased view of the acting, bc it truly deserves acclaim.

  21. I’m confused by the reviewer referring to the ending as a means to evoke emotion; the whole movie was emotional. Yes, the movie was a slow paced but done perfectly so. How anyone (Alex) can call this a terrible movie and rob the weakest link is absolutely ridiculous.

  22. I really liked the movie. The characters and the relationships between them were believable. The most endearing for me was the relationship between Tyler (Robert Pattinson) and his little sister, Caroline (Ruby Jerins) – especially the scene where he is laying in bed with her and reading her a story. I thought the whole cast did a wonderful job. Kudos to them all!!

  23. all you that think this movie was dumb and most likely you are very jelious of my husband so if every one will just shut up and stop running your mouths who ever thought this movie was a waste of time your wrong your a waste of human life forms so be quite keep your jeliousness to your selfs

  24. I LOVED this movie!!!! It was great and invokes the proper emotions at the right moments. Robert Pattinson did a wonderful job and Emilie de Ravin was equally wonderful. The ending was so emotional that I cried for about an hour when I got home. I plan to watch this over and over again because of how great it was!!!!

  25. Do not miss this movie! The reviewer could not be more wrong about it (The reviewer obviously is jaded by a strong dislike of the famous vampire character Mr. Pattinson plays in the Twilight Series)

    I wish reviewers would judge this movie on this character and not on previous characters. The relations between Tyle and Caroline is tender and heart breaking, the relationship between Tyler and Charles is charged with distaste for each other as well as self loathing Pierce Brosnan play PR!CK really well.

    The relationship between Ally and Tyler is as it should be, new. I thought they played well together and She is wonderful! Emilie deRavin so reminds me of a younger Jodie Foster. I look forward to seeing her in the future.

    Aidan, Tyler’s best friend, was funny, I loved that he walks around basically oblivious, yet very in-tune with his surroundings.

    As for Mr. Pattinson, reviewers need to bget off the “Brooding” train at the start of this movie.. the character isn’t brooding… he just has very very little that he finds worth while to care for.. his sister is pretty much it. You see his character come back to life with Ally..

    The performances are strong, if you leave this movie completely uneffected… well you might need to just cancel that appointment with your cardiologist.. because you don’t have a heart.


  26. I am trying really hard not to be mad about this movie. I feel like I was prepared or a well acted romantic movie with a good script and that is what I got until the laast 10 min. As someone who directly experienced events that were depicted in the movie I felt like I should have been warned about the content. I feel like it was an unexpect assault on my emotions. I knew men who didn’t go to work that day because they were taking their kids to school, I knew people who were late for meetings or home sick and weren’t there and this moving just hit too close to home. I can deal with those memories in a healthy way but I just didn’t expect them to be thrown in my face that way. I haven’t been able to focus on much since seeing this movie 2 days ago and I hope other people who experienced 9/11 firsthand are more prepared than I was so they don’t have to have the anxiety attacks I am now dealing with.

  27. Not to be rude but, people really need to calm the hell down about the ending. People die, that’s life. Sometimes it’s forced, sometimes it isn’t. What happened in New York happened years ago. Unless you’re still mourning the death of someone that died in the tragedy or if you experienced it first hand then I’d understand. If you didn’t, get over it already.

  28. @Amanda: In all sincerity, I am deeply saddened by your loss and I’m sure everyone here sympathizes with you and the emotional torment you are still going through.

    I’m not trying to minimize your experience, but I must say that I feel offended by your line. “I HOPE OTHER PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCED 9/11 FIRSTHAND ARE MORE PREPARED THAN I WAS SO THEY DON’T HAVE ANXIETY ATTACKS I AM DEALING WITH RIGHT NOW.” Are you suggesting that those of us who didn’t loose anyone “firsthand” (or on that particular day – but instead as a result of that day) are any less affected by the tragedy and the horror of 9/11? Because on the contrary, I think 9/11 affected the entire country (the consequential “Wars on Terrorism” and enactment of the US PATRIOT ACT). We’re all tragically “affected”. Other countries also strengthened their anti-terrorism legislation because they too have needlessly suffered at the hands of terrorists playing coycat to al-Qeada – their countrymen killed in rebel bombings. Therefore, the entire globe has LOST close friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, and lovers due to events surrounding 9/11. We are all intricately connected and while 9/11 may have been the seemingly first domino knocked over, the game is still going on and the dominos are still falling.

    That is why I love Remember me – its very thought provoking… but I don’t even think its ABOUT 9/11 persay. That event just ‘happens’ to be another example of something that caused these characters to cope with loss. I say the actors were extremely brave to take on this movie. Obviously, this film has caused us all to “REMEMBER” those people and that day… and by remembering the deceased, we honor them. Beautiful movie. 100% recommend.

    (Aside: the romance in this movie, I feel, was portrayed from a male’s point of view. It should appeal to both sexes. Definitely not a chick flick).

  29. @ Joy Thank you for your symapathies but I think you may have missunderstood my words. I am a strong person emotionally and have dealt well with my feelings of that day so this is not a normal reaction for me. I am also not a person who minds if a movie makes me cry at the end. I do think that the entire country and world were affected by the events but in very different ways. We were all in different places doing different things and when we think about that day now it brings up different emotions. I can process those things well when I am expecting them. What I feel this movie did was smack me in the face with something I wasn’t expecting and normally I would love that about a movie. These events were just to tragic and personal I think for me not to have been warned before had. There are a lot of things on television and in movies that we are warned might be disturbing to some veiwers. Even the nightly new tells us when they are about to show disturbing images. Just to be perfectly clear, it was that day itself that was depicted in the movie and not the aftermath and if you didn’t spend the day terrified that people you loved were dead then no you weren’t affected the same way I was. I don’t think that I suggested in my earlier statement that other people around the world weren’t affedted just not in the same way. Your are right that this movie wasn’t about 9/11 and I think that is why so many people are feeling used by being forced into sadness at the end.

  30. i watched the movie tonight with my friends and i ‘ve got to say one thing!it was fantastic!the script was brilliant!and we were impressed by robert pattinson’s perfomance!bravoo!!!i’m sorry but you people in america don’t like it because it’s not the classic american movie you like to watch!we love you robert pattinson!all the girls in greece adore you!and keep doing this kind of genuine movies!

  31. @ Amanda: I like this dialogue!! Clearly, everyone – everywhere has the right to feel the way they feel without being ridiculed. That was a nice clarification you gave; it made complete sense & I agree with you, mostly. Your absolutely right that this movie depicts 9/11 and NOT the aftermath. And while I cannot relate to spending the day terrified that I lost a loved one – I spent the day differently (like you said) in the MCAS Miramar armory terrified that “I” will be one of the Marines caught by sniper fire in Afghanistan while defending the U.S. Talk about an “Oh S#@T factor”. Watching 9/11 happen forced our Squadron to grieve fast… and survive by creating a callous over our emotions. We all stood there frozen thinking our number is up – we were deploying. I had to mentally disconnect myself from my family & cut all ties as if I was already dead because I had to be motivated to FIGHT. I’m not suggesting this is “the” way to cope because let’s face it… I was oblivious to what I was doing to myself mentally, but the way I saw it – I probably wasn’t making it back. Instead of me being shot, when our command reached Afghanistan, it was my ex-husband’s best man who caught a bullet in the neck. And I helped fireman’s carry a friend into a KC-130 after his foot was blown off from a land-mine detonation. I came out of the situation with nothing more than memories of how his blood felt soaked into my cammies, the sounds of his screams, and how by some freakish, last minute change of plans, I was not the radio operator aboard the KC-130 that “mysteriously” crashed into the side of an Afghanistan mountain killing all crew members aboard one night (October 2001). That day, 9/11, undeniably carries with it the “Oh S#@T factor” and “I’m throwing myself in the fire and might not make it out alive” factor and the “If I die, who’s going to take care of my family” factor and the twisted “Why wasn’t I killed? What does that mean?” BTW, I’m now surgical resident and on the other spectrum of the scale – saving people (just in case I do have a purpose here – I’m trying my best fulfill it).

    And this is where we disagree: I still say that REGARDLESS of people’s affiliation with 9/11, that day and those images of the twin towers force some serious emotions out of us. Who’s to say how substantial one person’s nightmare is compared to another’s? Although honestly, if there was a celluloid image of my Operation Enduring Freedom memories and some random somebody was saying they know how my scars feel, that I’m just a silly American who doesn’t know a good movie when I see one and that I should just get over it already – I might feel differently. I can empathize & I’m sorry if I come across as a cold-hearted piggybacker. This movie just brought back all those raw, festering emotions in me too. Perhaps if the Summit PR committee would’ve been forthcoming that the movie had a 9/11 element people would’ve been more prepared. That is a good way to put it though… “people feel used”. I can understand where you’re coming from, totally.

    Personally, I liked this movie and thought the actors did an outstanding job, but clearly I have a different experience. Mine is not the same, but it is haunting.

  32. If u have not seen this movie yet, I would suggest that u go and see this movie and make your own conclusion about the movie rather than just reading the mixed reviews. For me, I have to thank Summit for bringing back this type of movie to the big screen amidst all the obsession with 3D and computer graphics.

  33. @Joy & @Amanda I also experienced 9/11 from a very personal level.. waiting for phone calls from loved ones, losing many friends, funeral after funeral.

    I think people will deal with this movie differently.. I don’t think anyone is wrong in their feelings.. however I would ask, if you are mad about how the movie ended.. are you truly upset by the ending.. or perhaps by the endings that occured that day. We all have to deal with this.. we all have to find a way to move on.

    Had a movie like say.. “Saving Private Ryan” been made 9 or 10 years after World War 2 ended.. I believe we would have the same mixed reaction.

    The messeges in this movie are many… the most important of which… to me… don’t waste time.. don’t wait until tomorrow… Live in the Moments

  34. Usually when a story starts with a quote and there’s a narrator, there’s a lot of meaning in it. Tyler quotes Ghandi (although its somewhat inaccurate) “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it”. Gotta take this into consideration when judging the movie for its use of 9/11. The noble things he did in his life – standing up for what he thought was right seemed futile or rebellious. But it made an imprint on those involved. 9/11 came so sudden and was so horrifying. People talked about having coffee with their loved ones and going to work and next thing they knew that was the last time they would ever see them. The actual quote from Ghandi is, “Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it”. The things we do in our everyday life may seem unimportant like a simple smile at a stranger or a hug for a loved one but it has a ripple effect on the universe. It lasts even after we are long gone. Just like the character Tyler in the movie.

  35. @Kelly: Its funny that you should ask “are you truly upset about the ending or at the events that happened that day”. That question SERIOUSLY just crossed my mind like two days ago… and you may have hit the nail on the head concerning some movie critics.

    But again “I” am not mad about the ending. In fact, I LOVE this movie – even though it is NOT the typical 3D movie with all the CGI. Perhaps my previous posts gave off a different impression. I enjoyed Remember Me because it forces us to THINK and to FEEL. It is phenomenal in that aspect. In fact, I thought the usage of 9/11 was tastefully and respectfully done and reinforced the overall thinking/feeling principle. This, from a person with an “emotional investment” in the day.

    I think we’re all kinda saying the same thing. My point was that although we all have different experiences of the day – I’d be hard pressed to say ONE person’s 9/11 experience is more tragic than another’s. THAT is what got me. Usage of my personal experience was incorporated to illustrate that we all have a painful memory. Everyone has a memory of that day… even people from all over the world. “We’re all intricately connected”. But regardless (like you said) EVERYONE has to find a way to deal with it and move on.

    I believe RM had plenty of foreshadowing to inform us that it was set in summer 2001… George Bush was even on TV talking about terrorism… most people can connect the dots. You could’ve left the theater “IF” you knew what was coming. On the other hand, despite RM being an awesome movie with a gentle build up to 9/11 and a tastefully done sequence — perhaps RM would’ve gone over better if some obvious, BLATANT mention of 9/11 was advertised, without telling the ending. I mean c’mon… this movie so much more than a family drama or a romantic drama. It is about “don’t waste time”…”don’t wait until tomorrow”…”Live in the Moments”… “cherish your loved ones”…because let’s face it – it is also about LOSS (partly from 9/11). Perhaps RM would’ve received better reviews if people were more prepared, I’m just saying. We all knew “Saving Private Ryan” was going to be a war movie, afterall.

    But now that everyone has been warned… go see the movie!!! There are some heavy issues and the entire cast is great. They manage to pull of an enormous feat.

  36. @ Joy and Kelly Well there is a lot to read here and it has been a long day but I did want to respond once more to this thread. I think you do somewhat understand my issue here. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the movie or think that movies shouldn’t talk about Sept. 11th. I just still feel that the ending was over the top. I mean it was sad enough that he died and that it was in such a tragic way. I don’t think they needed to make it so shocking and horrible for use to get the message of the movie. Live every day to the fullest and DO SOMETHING. And Joy, do you think maybe if they had used footage of a land mine explosion or a heli crashing to provoke your emotions you might feel used the way I do. I want ot say too that I appreciate your service to our country. I my self have been living with my sister taking care of her kids while her husband was in Kuwait and then Iraqu so I understand the far reaching affects of the mess 9/11 started.

    Kelly… I thought the same thing about you said about Saving Private Ryan. The differnce there is that people knew it was a war movie.

    And seriousy, if I had not been shaking so hard I would have gotten up and left the movie as soon as his dad said “Are you downtown already because I will be late I am taking my daughter to school.” I knew then what was going to happen and wanted to jump up and warn the rest of the audience because trust me they did not see it coming.

  37. I said this on the website that Kelly posted above, but I wanted to mention it here too. I do not think the film makers needed to tell the audience that this was a movie about 9/11, because it wasn’t. It was a movie about Tyler Hawkins who happened to die in the tragedy that was 9/11. It was a personal tragedy juxtaposed against a national tragedy. I have been thinking about this a lot because I was blown away by the film. I loved it. I can’t remember when a movie has touched me as much. I was blown away by Robert Pattinson’s performance. He made you love Tyler Hawkins in spite of his anger, his pain, his animosity towards his father. You loved him for his relationship with his sister. You loved him for his vulnerability. You loved him because underneath it all he was a good person. In the boardroom when he tells his father, “You didn’t find him. I found him.” There was so much emotion and pain in his voice and reflected on his face it made me weep. The film would not have worked at all if you didn’t care about that character and I think the majority of people who saw the film cared. The dichotomy between professional criticism of the film and the support and high ratings of the movie goers is striking. The average of professional critic ratings is a C. The average of movie goer ratings is A-. Most critics who did not like the film complained about the ending. This lead me to think about how much iit really is the responsibility of the filmmaker to disclose the content of a film beyond the rating system? For example, what about the fact that the film dealt with the issue of suicide and how broken this family was as a result of it? Should the filmmaker have disclosed that it dealt with suicide in order not to surprise, upset, or offend anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide? Or, what about Ally’s mother’s senseless murder at the hands of thugs on a train platform? Should the filmmaker’s have disclosed that the movie dealt with murder so as to prepare anyone who has lost a loved one in this way? How much do we go to movies at our own peril and how much is the filmmaker’s responsibilty to prepare us? I in no way felt used or even really shocked by the 9/11 connection. I was very sad at the loss of Tyler, a fictional character that I grew to love through the course of the movie. But I also didn’t miss that the movie started in 1991, that the next scene was clearly labeled 10 years later, that recent terrorist attacks were discussed in the Global Policies class that Ally and Tyler both were in, that Thursday, September 2001 was visible on the chalk board when Tyler took Caroline back to school after her classmates cut her hair off at the slumber party, or that Tyler was in an elevator going past the 89th floor and still going up on 9/11, nor did I miss the Tuesday, September 11, 2001 on the chalkboard when he was already at his father’s office. I know it is possible not to add all of this up to figure out the ending, but I do think the filmmakers gave us many indications of what was to come. For me the criticism has been undeservedly harsh and I am so sorry that critics who apparently did not understand the intent of the film have discouraged people from seeing it. This movie was a real gem with outstanding performances and an important message. I think the director, writer, actors, and everyone involved in the film should be commended for daring to bring a thought provoking film to the screen rather than the usual Hollywood pap.

  38. I thin this was an excellent movie. I know what it is like to try and grab the attention of a dad and always feel like you are more of a hindrence than anything. The end was just tear jerking. I wanted to bawl like a baby, and his dad I guess realizing to late what he was loosing.

  39. This movie was exploitative garbage. If I could get it erased from my memory, I would. Shame on the people who made it and shame on other people for being completely callous about someone who lived through the reality of 9/11 walking into something they think is a date movie that ends with the nightmare they can’t get away from. This movie is pop culture bottom feeding at its worst. If this is the choices they make, I will actively avoid the work of any and all actors, writers, and directors who created this drivel.

    The horror people lived through as they watched their loved ones die is not a gimmick. It is a grief they and I live with every single day no matter how much people have apparently forgotten that actual people are more important than a movie character and not spoiling a twist ending. I have never actively loathed a piece of cinema so much in my life.

  40. As someone who remembers 9-11 in vivid, horrifying detail, I was incredibly shaken by the film’s ending. It brought that day rushing back for me, and the feeling was gut-wrenching. However, I did not find the movie exploitative, and I’m saddened and somewhat frustrated that so many critics and moviegoers have panned it as such.

    “Remember Me” is an intimate study of two families dealing with tragedy, and the film centers around how they cope. The ending, described as a plot twist by many critics, is not a twist at all, at least not in my perception. I caught an interview on The Today Show a couple of weeks before “Remember Me” was released in which Matt Lauer clearly described the film as being set in NYC in 2001. I knew then that it had to deal with 9-11 in some way. There was just no conceivable reason to have it in that specific time and place otherwise. And, as other posters have mentioned, there are many indicators leading up to the final moments in the movie itself — the dates listed at the beginning of the film, Aly’s phone message to her father talking about leaving for Labor Day weekend, the date of Thursday, September 6, 2001, written on the chalkboard in Caroline’s class when Tyler walks her to the room, Tyler’s elevator rising to 80+ floors on that terrible morning — I noticed all of these things and had a fairly certain idea of what was coming (though the early realization did not prevent my tears). As such, I don’t think the intent was to provide a “twist” that insensitively shocked audiences; instead, I believe that the purpose was to send a message that life is unpredictable – at times brutally so — and it is important for people to treasure what they have for as long as they have it.

    All that being said, I do feel that Summit played up the love story between Tyler and Aly too much in the trailers. Apparently designed to capture the attention of Rob Pattinson’s female “Twilight” audience, the trailers did not give viewers a glimpse into the deeper story — and I feel that many people did go to the theater under the impression that they were seeing a romantic film with a happy ending. I can understand them feeling misled for that reason. However, that’s an issue that should be taken to Summit directly; I do not blame the actors or the writer for the misdirection of the trailers. Instead, I feel strongly that the writing was heartfelt and that Brosnan, Cooper, de Ravine, Pattinson and the other cast members did a wonderful job in their roles. They were courageous to take on such an emotional project, and they succeeded in making their characters relatable and memorable. Despite the turmoil that I feel from the ending, I’ve seen this movie twice and have recommended it to everyone I know. The story and its message are powerful and deserve an audience.

  41. i think it would be hilarious if someone thought that was going to be a good date movie. i imagine a couple holding hands as tyler’s life seems to have turned around for the good and then, bam, its 9/11. i have to say, although kind of a risky twist, it works for me, and i think it wasn’t just ANOTHER film because of it.
    but i digress, imagine that was a date for someone.. ooops. that’s fing shakespeare good.

  42. For goodness sake, shut up! I’m seein gthi smovie in a bit and have been looking forward to it for ages, infact when i tried to book it and it didn’t work my mum took time out o fher busy schedule to book it over the phone for me! So can you please just leave your stupid negative comments to yourself becasue now i don’t even fee like seeing it. Thanks, you owe me £18. Ugh.

  43. I loved this movie. A very sad movie, but great nonetheless. Remember me has to be the best tear jerker since p.s. i love you

  44. “However, anything Remember Me accomplishes is lost thanks to an insultingly inappropriate ending.” Are you kidding? That’s bull shit. It’s funny how people will say “We willl never forget.” But when people remember it it’s declared ‘offensive’ and ‘innapropriate.’ For people who were very young when 9/11 happened, this movie shows just how much of an effect it had on people’s lives. You say it’s boring and a total snooze-fest because it’s realistic. Tyler wasn’t a hero, but his death had an effect on people’s lives. It had meaning. It’s total bull shit to say 9/11 was included to ‘a device to garner last minute emotion.’

  45. @ Victoria. I COULDN’T AGREE WITH YOU BETTER! This was an amazing movie and for the person who said that teenagers can’t relate wth 9/11, ARE YOU STUPID, ARE JUST PLAIN IGNORANT? Teenagers lost parents too, and siblings that they never got to know. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, I understand that, but come on people, 9/11 should never be forgotton. Quit acting like even mentioning it is a bad thing.

  46. @ SARA. WTF! How can you even live with yourself? 9/11 was a attack on our country! A lot of people died so you could write your garbage on here! If you dont love your country dont let the door hit your ass on the way out of it! We need less people like you in our Great Country! GREAT MOVIE LOVED THE ENDING!

  47. Perri, I agree in mostly everything, except for a couple of things.

    Your review states that the ending is inappropriate, but what did you expect? It didn’t disgust me or anything. It was something unexpected, not a cliché, and I really liked that. What did you expect, for real? The girl and the boy get married and they are happy for the rest of their lives? That’s boring and everyone’s tired of it. I think you’re seeing it –and don’t take this a sexist comment, because that’s not the case– from a girl’s point of view –you’re being extremely sentimental.

  48. Sara…don’t be a bitch! there was NOTHING exploitative about it! i had MANY relatives die on that day and you need to watch how you talk about such events…you will NEVER…unless you’ve had family die in that tragic event…understand what it’s like living everyday wondering how people can be so cruel as to commit such atrocities…and wondering if, despite everything our soldiers are doing overseas, something like 9/11 will happen again…i pray to God every day that nothing EVER happens like that again and i pray that you NEVER have to endure what I, and so many others, had to on that horrific day!

  49. I thought the movie was well scripted and acted. It wasn’t exciting because it did not need to be. Reviewers who rely on the word boring lack two things; a thesaurus and a literary perspective on what makes a good film.

    Typically I am a bit bothered by the exploitation of tragedy; especially September 11th. This however did something powerful for those who lost their lives in the towers. It made them people. No longer is it a number like 9/11 or 2996. It is a collection of stories with various relationships, loves, unresolved truth, and journeys at various stages. It reminded me that the emotional attachment and complexity in relationships displayed on-screen were real for many people.

    I enjoyed the movie and was impressed by the respect and care done.

  50. This movie is a hit and miss. Some moments indeed are really great and powerful. I think the little sis' older brother relationship worked out very well. However, omg., the major love story is so predictable with her getting angry at him for havin' lied at her from the start. It really ruins the experience. And yes I was touched by the end, very much so. However, after reading that's all fiction I am just left feeling angry at the films makers for such a cheap – unnecessary – last minute twist.

  51. 911 was used to evoke emotions from the audience. I find it offensive that it has been capitalized on in such a way.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who was disgusted by the use of the 911 incident. I felt sad at the end because of the 911 incident. Not because of the film!

    Otherwise the rest of the film was quite enjoyable

  52. Point to the movie is that you never know when you're going to live your last days…and the fact that they used a true event inspires you to realize that life is short more so than any made up event ever could have. it was unexpected but an excellent ending.

  53. I thought the ending was little to the word moving. perfect. It was made beautifully, cut perfectly. With the watchers emotion changed with the simple, september 11 2001. It left me with a gasp of air, the air that sadly for me led to a tear stained pillow! Its a deffo must watch!!!!

  54. OK for all you Remember Me haters out there, the ending to this movie was not set to make people angry or sad, these are just natural emotions that Americans get when dealing with our past events. However, the ending was to show that life is too short and you'll never know when its gonna end. The ending wasn't really out of place, extreme circumstances maybe but not out of place. Think about it, Ally's mother is killed, Tyler's brother committed suicide and Ally plays the part great in the movie and even tells us the moral of the whole movie, She eats her desert first in case something UNEXPECTED should happen. I am like most people 9-11 cuts really deep I lost my brother in the attacks but i still get up and put on my uniform everyday to help defend this country Coming back from Afghanistan recently I have learned that so many people are uptight about alot of things. 9-11 was a very tragic day and people will use it to evoke emotions, teach lessons or simply to recreate a piece of history that our country bleeds from. Remember that what we leave behind is what they remember us by thats the moral of the movie

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