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Rose McGowan Completes The Cast Of Conan


Rose McGowan Completes The Cast Of Conan

The folks over at Nu Image/Millennium Films were kind enough to solidify the cast of Conan, so we can all focus on the whirlwind that is Captain America. The news of Said Taghmaoui’s involvement put us at four: Taghmaoui as a leader of a group of thieves, Rachel Nichols as one of the Queen’s bodyguards, Stephen Lang as a sadistic warlord and, of course, Jason Momoa as our hero. Now, according to Variety, we can add on Rose McGowan, Leo Howard and Ron Perlman to round out the cast.

McGowan will portray an evil being that’s half-human and half-witch while Howard will play a young Conan. Perlman is taking the role originally thought to belong to Mickey Rourke, that of Conan’s father. Director Marcus Nispel kicked off lensing on Monday at Nu’s facility in Sofia, Bulgaria.

After about a decade of development, the film is finally a reality and a promising one at that. The addition of McGowan, Howard and Perlman is spot on. She may have played a good witch in Charmed, but we all know that having the chance to show off her evil side will be more rewarding. The sole downside to McGowan’s casting is that it will seemingly put an end to, or at least an extremely length delay on Red Sonja. As for Howard, damn that kid can kick some ass. Did you see his moves as a young Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra? Lastly, if you can’t get Rourke there’s no better guy to hire to play daddy than Perlman.

By Perri Nemiroff

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

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