Metropolitan, Inc. has acquired the U.S. theatrical rights to the feature film “Casino Jack” by Rollercoaster Entertainment, Inc. The film is slated to hit theaters sometime in fall 2010.

The project is based on the true story of disgraced Washington power broker Jack Abramoff eventually found guilty of bribery and corruption charges.

“Casino Jack” was directed by George Hickenlooper (“Factory Girl”) based on the screenplay by Norman Snider. Gary Howsam, Bill Marks and George Vitetzakis produced the film. Richard Rionda Del Castro, Donald Zuckerman, Lewin Webb, Dana Brunetti, Patricia Eberle, Warren Nimchuk, Angelo Paletta and Domenic Serafino are executive producers, and Rick Chad is an associate producer.

Kevin Spacey, Barry Pepper, Jon Lovitz, Kelly Preston, Spencer Garrett and Rachelle Lafevre all star.

Stay tuned to for more on “Casino Jack”.

By Costa Koutsoutis (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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