Read our exclusive interview with “Aliens vs. Predator” developer Tim Jones, Head of Art and Design at Rebellion. “Aliens vs. Predator” available on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

SY: The last Aliens game released was ‘Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem’ following the motion picture, how does the new game follow in the AVP timeline?

TJ: Aliens vs Predator is set very much in the Alien(s) universe established by Ridley Scott and James Cameron. That means it’s set in the far future (30 years subsequent to Alien 3, to be precise) and the human element is represented by the Colonial Marines and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. It’s very much a sequel to the original classics (Alien, Aliens, Predator) but does take into account the events and ideas of the Aliens vs Predator movies.

SY: The games release will somewhat overlap the upcoming ‘Predators’ film, so why was the Alien element included?

TJ: This is an Aliens vs Predator title, with three-way combat at the core of the experience, so to leave the Xenomorphs out would be something of an oversight! A Predator-specific game would be a very different animal indeed, if you’ll excuse the pun.

SY: How much of the films look and feel were translated in the game?

TJ: We think we’ve nailed the look and feel of a desolated Weyland-Yutani colony, the jungle of a familiar, but alien world, and the ruins of a lost Predator civilization. The HUDs, SFX and characters were directly influenced by the films. In fact, we used many of the sounds (Pulse Rifle, Motion Tracker, Alien Screams) and 3D models (Predator mothership and Alien queen) that were supplied by 20th Century Fox. Look and feel? You want it, we got it.

SY: The thing that impressed me is that each character type had very different gameplay, almost as though I was playing 3 separate games. Was that entirely intentional?

TJ: Oh yes. This is at the core of the game, for both the single and multiplayer experience. It was also our biggest challenge. When we said three games in one (four if you include multiplayer) we meant it!

SY: Which species is your favorite?

TJ: The dev team’s split on this. For multiplayer, personally, I love the Alien’s brutality and versatility.

SY: Which Alien -or- Predator film is your favorite and why?

TJ: For me, it’s James Cameron’s Aliens all the way. Moments of tension, suspense, horror, followed by all-out action, and no shortage of great one-liners and comedy too. That said, when it comes to the men-on-a-mission genre, you can’t go far with Predator – probably Arnie’s finest hour too.

SY: Any plans for an ‘Aliens vs. Predator’ game sequel?

TJ: Who knows what the future may bring!

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