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Top Secret JJ Abrams Trailer Set To Run Before Iron Man 2


Top Secret JJ Abrams Trailer Set To Run Before Iron Man 2

It looks like Iron Man 2 will be the meat of a high anticipation sandwich. Not only will the tail end of the film feature an easter egg during which – I’m not going to spoil it for you, but it’s all over the net if you’re curious – but it’ll come with a trailer for yet another top secret JJ Abrams project at the head.

The news comes from Hit Fix who claims the plan is to include the trailer of Abrams’ Super 8 in the sequence of promo material leading up to Iron Man 2. Rumor has it, Super 8 is the Cloverfield sequel. Is this the case? Unless there’s an infiltration into Abrams’ infamous secretive efforts, we won’t know until May 7th. And, odds are, that’s not going to happen because the Iron Man 2 projection procedures contain some serious security restrictions. Reels one, eight and all trailers cannot be accessed until Thursday, May 6th at 3pm using a combination code.

In the meantime, Hit Fix offered up a TED clip of Abrams ranting about the beauty of the box. Yes, the guy who created the elaborate concept of Lost is obsessed with a tissue box. From there he moves on to this mystery magic box thing he bought as a kid, but, to this day, has yet to open. What’s so significant about this crappy old box? Drum roll please – it represents mystery, which is basically the driving force behind Abrams’ entire career.

What does this have to do with the Super 8 movie? Nothing directly, but it’s an interesting insight into Abrams’ methods. I’m not going to even attempt to delve into the heaps of possibilities when it comes to Super 8Cloverfield sequel, Cloverfield prequel, 500 Rads, etc. – but will point out that although Abrams directed the upcoming teaser, he will not be directing the film, only producing. Without any solid information to go on, I’m left merely to revel in the fact that on May 7th, I could experience something that utterly blows me away making me ache to see a film as did the Cloverfield trailer. Fine by me.

By Perri Nemiroff

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