Watch the first episode of’s terrifying new horror web series, ‘The Woods of Astrid,’ directed by Domenic Del Carmine.

The series chronicles the life of a teenage girl Sarah, who stumbles upon her parents’ bloodied bodies after they were viciously killed by an ax wielding maniac. While her older brother Aiden escaped the dismay of seeing their parents so cruelly disfigured in death, their brutal murders still linger in Sarah’s mind.

In an effort to forget what she saw, Sarah stumbles into the Woods of Astrid, where a sinister witch takes up residence. The witch holds no mercy on those who enter the woods, and Sarah is no exception. A week after she disappears, Aiden embarks on an endless journey to find out what happened to his sister, and the truth about what’s really going on in the woods.

By Karen Bernardello.

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5 thoughts on “ Launches Terrifying New Web Series”
  1. From the beginning until the end I believed this was made by professionals. The story, the music, and the acting were all exceptional, and I will be looking forward to see more from this very creative, and talented group of kids!!

  2. Wow, I can’t freakin’ wait for the second episode! Great direction and acting! I’ll totally recomend this to some friends and fellow movie buffs.

    The scene with Aiden and the dead animals was sweet. That guy has screen presence!

  3. Really great first episode! Can’t wait to see what happened to Sarah and what’s goin on in the woods! =]

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