The idea of being buried alive is pretty terrifying in itself, but now, the advertising campaign for Buried is really making that nightmare feel real. It all started with the poster featuring Ryan Reynolds’ character, Paul Conroy, a guy who wakes up buried in a coffin 6 feet underground. Then we got the trailer, a video assumingly shot with a cell phone video camera detailing Paul’s captors’ demands in exchange for his freedom.

Now, Buried’s motion poster arrives at Yahoo! Movies. There really isn’t much to it, but that’s what’s so intriguing about the film overall; the whole thing takes place in the confines of Paul’s coffin. The image is cleverly presented using brief titles to lead your attention to the bottom of the page where poor buried Paul is revealed. The pathetic flicker of a Zippo lighter in a mass of blackness is just downright horrifying. This promo adds to the frustration that we’ll have to wait until September 24th to see if Paul finds a way out of this seemingly inescapable situation or, even worse, October 8th for all of you out of the limited release’s range.

By Perri Nemiroff

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By Perri Nemiroff

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