Can DreamWorks Animation keep up its stellar performance? Probably not. Reviews for Shrek Forever After are mediocre, which is particularly lame when it comes to a beloved franchise, especially a beloved franchise that had a major misstep round three. But come November 5th, blue will be the new green because that’s when the studio will introduce us to its latest creation, Megamind.

Megamind (Will Ferrell) is a super villain who runs into an unlikely problem. When he finally defeats his archenemy, Metro Man (Brad Pitt), he loses his purpose in life. In an effort to relive his glory days, he creates a new foe to battle, Titan (Jonah Hill), but it turns out Titan gravitates towards the dark side and wants to be a villain too.

The film’s first full trailer and poster have arrived and both are quite good. The poster goes simple and bold, keeping the focus on the character we’re expected to embrace. The trailer shows off the film’s assets – the vibrant imagery and abundance of laughs – my only concern is the plot. The trailer doesn’t delve into the concept of Megamind whipping up Titan, so we’re left with more of the usual, good guy vs. bad guy. Let’s hope trailer #2 will give us a taste of what should be an innovative concept.

By Perri Nemiroff (via IMP Awards and Yahoo! Movies)

Megamind Poster

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