The “gang’s all here” poster not your thing? Shock Till You Drop has two new Predator posters with a more narrow focus, one of which is Adrien Brody’s character, Royce and the second, Alice Braga’s character, Alice.

Like the group shot, these are a little disappointing. The former is totally generic, but at least the image is crisp. Perhaps the same treatment should have been given to the character posters. Rather than spice up the main image, the two oddly placed tinted ones make the poster sloppy. As ineffective as the imagery is the names. The font is so miniscule, the odds of it being noticeable hanging high from the theater rafters are about slim to none and the fact that being consumed by blobs of red, black and white only make the visibility issue worse.

The character posters should have all looked like the one featuring Brody that hit the web a couple of weeks ago; the character with the Predator lurking in the background and that’s it.

By Perri Nemiroff

Predators Character Poster 1

Predators Character Poster 2

By Perri Nemiroff

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