Call me a teenaged girl, but – Oh. My. God. Hey, at least I didn’t say, “OMG.” These new Inception posters are out of this world, quite literally as the tagline would imply. What we know of Christopher Nolan’s mindbender is that it’s about a guy named Dom Cobb (Leonard DiCaprio), a thief who specializing in stealing secrets of the subconscious. While this ability makes him valuable player in corporate espionage, it also places a gigantic target on his back ultimately making him an international fugitive. But now, Cobb is finally getting a chance to clean his slate. All he’s got to do is once last job, inception; instead of extracting information, he must implant it.

If the synopsis isn’t twisted enough for you just check out these new banners. Talk about visually stimulating images. I quite like them all, but the most fascinating of the bunch is the one featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character midair as the hallway rotates around him. However, the others have a particularly immense effect of their own; they represent the enormous impact the events of this film can have beyond our main players.

By Perri Nemiroff (via Virgin Media)

Inception Banner 1

Inception Banner 2

Inception Banner 3

Inception Banner 4

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