Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are a pretty high profile matchup as is the comedy ensemble of Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock and David Spade, but neither were able to take down a gang of animated toys. Toy Story 3 took in another $59 million, but it did take a 47% hit, which is the highest second week drop for a Pixar summer release. However, that’s really not that bad considering the film is coming off of a massive $110 million opening. So far, Toy Story 3 has a total gross of $226.6 million as compared to Pixar’s highest grossing film ever, Find Nemo, which only had $144 million in the bank after week two.

Sony will be pleased with Grown Ups’ showing. It didn’t come close to snagging the top spot, but did earn a respectable $41 million despite dismal reviews. The same likely won’t be true for the folks over at Fox who watched their $117 million production take in just $20.5 million this weekend. Oh, and that two day head start? It only boosts the total to $27.8 million.

Coming in at #4 is The Karate Kid with $15.4 million continuing to trounce its opening week competition, The A-Team, which only added another $6 million to the pot. So far, The Karate Kid has a total gross of $135.6 million while The A-Team only racked up $62.8 million. Considering The A-Team’s budget was more than double The Karate Kid’s it’s quite clear that one’s a massive success while the other is a harsh bust.

The sixth spot went to Get Him to the Greek, which took in another $3 million followed by Shrek Forever After’s $2.9 million haul. Prince of Persia finds itself in the eighth spot with $2.8 million followed by Killers with $2 million. Rounding out the top ten is poor Jonah Hex, which dropped a massive 70.3% only earning $1.6 million. Compared to its big budget company, Jonah Hex is relatively inexpensive, however, with just $9.1 million in the bank after two weeks, the odds of it making a decent profit are grim.

With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hitting theaters midweek, it’s quite obvious what’s going to happen now; everyone better get ready to move at least one notch down. With that one almost a guaranteed success, the film to keep an eye on will be M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender. Will enough Twihards opt to see Eclipse ASAP and give Airbender a fighting chance over the weekend? I’m pulling for a Shyamalan comeback, but in terms of box office performance, I don’t have a good feeling about this one.

By Perri Nemiroff (via Box Office Mojo, The LA Times)

Toy Story 3

By Perri Nemiroff

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One thought on “Buzz And Woody Hold Strong Against Tom Cruise And Adam Sandler At The Box Office”
  1. Long before the couch, the ‘glib’, the brooke shields, the scientology tape leak, cruise was losing his box office appeal; as his films in general were costing more, but bringing in less at the box office. cruise has had an amazing career. he was a top ten box office draw for 20 years! out of those 20 years he was number one 7 times which is more than any other star ever. for some reason the media (again in general) has decided that now is the time for his comeback and that This is the film to propel that comeback, but the public is in rejection of that notion. the media seems bent on shoving cruise down everyone’s throat and the public (in general) is merely regurgitating hollywood’s hard sell. cruise will continue to be a star. he will continue to have a career, but the truth is he just isn’t the star he once was. 20 years with 7 at number one that is an incredible run. just how big is the hole in cruise’s ego that he must continue to win or at least attempt to win the attention of the public? how much reaffirmation and ego stroking does he need? when will hollywood realize that their plastic, manufactured star/golden boy has run his course?

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