First we had the milktoast domestic poster, trumped by a superior fan poster. Finally the UK marketing team have stepped up with this movie poster for upcoming film “The Expendables” by director Sylvester Stallone (Incredible Love, Rambo, Rocky Balboa) and starring Jason Statham (Crank, The Brazilian Job, Death Race), Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler, Iron Man 2), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brittany Murphy (Sin City 2), Jet Li (The Forbidden Kingdom), Eric Roberts, Steve Austin and Charisma Carpenter.

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Synopsis: Sylvester Stallone gears up for a men-on-a-mission film with the Nu Image/Millennium Films war picture The Expendables. Jason Statham and Jet Li co-star alongside the brawny filmmaker as a group of mercenaries who undertake a near-impossible operation to overthrow a dictator in South America. Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts, Terry Crews, and UFC star Randy Couture co-star in the action-packed production. – Jeremy Wheeler, All Movie Guide

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The Expendables UK Poster
The Expendables UK Poster

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