Could Haley Joel Osment have peaked in his younger years with The Sixth Sense and A.I. Artificial Intelligence? Considering he last appeared in 2007’s Home of the Giants and I don’t know a sole who caught that film, that’s what it’s looking like. However, according to THR, Osment is read to get back in the game with the MPCA comedy Sex Ed.

Osment is all grown up now and playing a college graduate who hopes to teach high school Algebra. He gets a teaching gig, but rather than working with the numbers, he ends up teaching sexual education. Of course he could just look at the job as a stepping-stone to get to what he truly wants, but his character has a serious problem with the position because he’s a virgin. He gets a little advice from a blue bar patron, develops a nemesis in the local PTA and meets a girl from Poland having trouble with the English language.

It’s about time Osment staged a comeback. I don’t know what he’s been up to over the past few years (minus his 2006 run-in with the law), but all of that talent doesn’t suddenly disappear. The only concern here is the content. Perhaps it’s the emphasis on sex and the involvement of a girl from overseas, but I’m getting a very American Pie vibe, which means it could easily be drowned in toilet humor. Good for Osment for diving right back in, now let’s just hope he’s picked quality material to work with.

By Perri Nemiroff

Haley Joel Osment

By Perri Nemiroff

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