Ever since finishing Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games and the sequel, Catching Fire, I’ve been filling the time until the August 24th release of the third and final installment, Mockingjay, by keeping a close eye on the reported Hunger Games movie. Unfortunately, every since that special Scholastic event, there’s been zero development.

During that event not only did Collins give some folks a sneak peek at Mockingjay, it was also announced that Lionsgate hoped to have a director for the film adaptation by the summer and to go into production in January 2011. Clearly part one never happened and I have a feeling the second won’t either. But of course, that doesn’t mean the project is a dud; good things take time. So, in the meantime, a few sites out there have been speculating on who’ll lead the film as our heroine, Katniss Everdeen.

Suggestions have included Ellen Page, Camilla Belle, Kristen Stewart, Malese Jow, Jodelle Ferland and even Megan Fox. Some of the suggestions floating around aren’t half bad, but there’s one name missing from all of these lists that should be at the top, Kick-Ass’ Chloe Moretz. In fact, the young actress wants it herself!

During a recent chat about the Kick-Ass DVD and Blu-ray release, we spared some time to talk about her upcoming projects Hugo Cabret, The Rut and Hick. All of those films sound promising, but I couldn’t help but to ask if Moretz had ever read The Hunger Games. She knew exactly what I was getting at and didn’t even answer the question, she just said, “I really really want to be in it.” The enthusiasm continued when I suggested she’d be perfect for the lead role. “I would so so so so so love to be in this film.” She added, “It would be such an honor to be in it.”

I think it’s safe to say that once The Hunger Games casting commences, Moretz will at least seek out an audition. Ever since Kick-Ass she’s the hottest commodity in Hollywood when it comes to playing a young girl with a little edge. Moretz made the perfect hero in Kick-Ass, so doing so in the Panem Hunger Games should be no problem. The only thing that might work against Moretz is her age. However, this is Hollywood we’re talking about, an industry where a 30-year-old can pass as a high school student. There’s no reason Moretz can’t play a 16-year-old. Plus, should the first film spawn into a franchise, she can grow with it.

I’m all for Moretz as Katniss. Who’s with me?

By Perri Nemiroff

Chloe Moretz

By Perri Nemiroff

Film producer and director best known for her work in movies such as FaceTime, Trevor, and The Professor. She has worked as an online movie blogger and reporter for sites such as CinemaBlend.com, ComingSoon.net, Shockya, and MTV's Movies Blog.

25 thoughts on “Chloe Moretz Has Her Eye On The Hunger Games Film Adaptation”
  1. I haven’t seen Kick-Ass yet (erggg!) but just from google images, Moretz looks like Prim then anyone else.

  2. helll no! shes so young! katniss is around 16, this girl is 13. if it takes 3 years to make, then sure, shes fine, but not if theyre starting production anytime in the next year. i’m also more inclined towards a taller katniss, a 5’1/2″ katniss is just weird..

  3. Are you flipping KIDDING ME? No 13-year-old should be playing Katniss. And have you seen her blonde hair and white skin? She does not fit the description at all!
    Sorry Chloe, you’re too young anyway. The Careers are HUGE, so Glimmer and Clove need to be played by older actors. Rue is black, and I already explained why she would be horrible as Katniss. I guess that leaves Prim, but do you really think Chloe would go for such a meek character? And if she did get cast she’d probably add some tude in there and ruin Prim’s character. Same with Madge.

  4. By the time they start filming she’ll be too old for Prim. Plus, she’s already developed such a mature image. Prim will have to be someone like Joey King. Or maybe even King for Rue. Anyway, back to Katniss – let’s say they start filming in late 2011 or 2012, Moretz would nearly be the perfect age. Plus, it might be better to have someone a little younger in case it turns into a franchise. All three books happen one after the next, so we shouldn’t really see the characters age much.

  5. @Perri-still. She cannot be Katniss. Of the fan picks, it should be Kaya Scodelario. Or Malese Jow, but more Kaya for me. If Chloe is Katniss, The Hunger Games will be just another fad. We need someone else, especially someone who fits the physical description a lot better. That’s Kaya.

  6. They are filming in January 2011. She will still be too young then. Even if she magically morphed into actually looking like one of the characters.

  7. I think Jodelle Ferland would make a better choice for Rue than Katniss. Camilla Belle might be a good choice, but she does look a bit older than Katniss.
    I kinda picture Taylor Lautner as Gale, but I could just be too in love with him and see all olive-skinned black haired boys as Taylor XD

  8. Not that I’m rooting for her or anything, but isn’t Katniss supposed to look younger than she actually is? And what’s wrong with Katniss being 5ft? I mean, It’s not like people will really notice her height on screen, I mean they do move the camera around, so they could make her look taller or shorter if they’d want. As for the hair colour, skin colour and even eye colour, it’s called make-up, hair dye/wig and contact lenses. Plus, going back to the age thing, make-up artist do a wonderful job of making people look younger/older all the time, remember The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? They made Brad Pitt look like he was an old man and then a teenager. Here’s a picture: http://img.ezinemark.com/imagemanager2/files/30000560/2010/06/2010-06-11-14-55-56-3-in-the-curious-case-of-benjamin-button-released-in.jpeg

    I don’t really have an objection to Chloe. I mean, I really really really really really really xInfinity want to play Katniss too [what fan doesn’t right?]
    As long as Kristen Stewart doesn’t get the part I think I’d be happy.

  9. YES! If Chloe really get to become Katniss, I’ll be very, very happy indeed. I’m one of the Hunger Game & Chloe fanbase (quite large, actually) that strongly want her to be cast as Katniss.

    And as @Perri wrote, she’ll be in perfect age by the time they start filming & they can’t cast too mature age stars in case they want to make all 3 books into movies. This trilogies aren’t like Harry Potter which characters aged 1 year per book.

  10. I can really see her as Madge, but not as Katniss. Not because of her age-they will need someone young to play Katniss if there will be three films, and anyway, Katniss isn’t supposed to be big for her age. My main issue is looks. Are you peoples forgetting that Rue has dark skin, and Katniss has olive skin and black hair? Geesh!

  11. Are you guys crazy? Chloe has no Katniss in her! It’s a perfect role for Isabelle Fuhrman. She proved she could do edgy in Orphan and is the most talented young actress in Hollywood today. And we already know she can play any age, lol.

  12. Although I do adore Chloe and thought she was phenomenal in both Kick-Ass and (500) Days of Summer, I believe she is too young to play the role. As for all of the considerations, they would all suck as Katniss. Whoever is to play this awesome but extremely annoying character should be an unknown actor — Hollywood needs a fresh face.

  13. I think Chloe might be ok for the part. With make up and hair dye and stuff. But my pick for Katniss would be Sarah Hyland. She’s older but looks young.

  14. Oh c’mon, I’d rather they pick actress with amazing acting chops rather than just fit the physical appearance. We can use makeup anytime. Besides, it’s common for movie/series based on book that the actors don’t have the resemblance to the book description of characters (Not all/totally but some at least).

  15. She is FAR from perfect for the lead role, and her age is definitely not the only thing working against her – her hair and skin are too light and she’s way too innocent looking. A lot of HG fans will be unhappy if she ends up playing the main character – she would be better for the little sister, Primrose

  16. HELL NO. Prim, yes but no way Katniss. Even with make-up Chloe will still look like a tween. Does Chloe even have boobs yet?

  17. Chloe right now already grow much from her latest filming (Diary of Wimpy Kid). Besides, Katniss supposed to be thin & small for her age, often famished. Boobs isn’t her appeal haha. She looks like Katniss enough when she dye her hair brunette & with more serious expression. She looks like 14+ now, so by the time movie start filming perhaps she’ll be looks 15+ yrs old. That’s enough I think.

  18. It's not just her age that goes against her; Katniss is supposed to have “olive skin” and fit in very well with the rest of the Seam – not to mention she's probably really skinny. I think Chloe would be perfect for a ten year older Prim but not Katniss. I understand that with makeup and all, she could fit the physical description but I am personally not a fan.

    I feel that the actress cast really needs to highlight Katniss from the rest of her family, as Prim and her mother both resemble the people from town with their pale skin and blond hair. Katniss, being very tan and skinny, emphasises how she's used to hard labour and going hungry.

    Also, Rue is black. Therefore, it's unlikely Chloe will be cast as her. I really hope Rue isn't whitewashed… =/

  19. Once I think about it, she's going to HAVE to die her hair dark brown for the character. By the time she actually starts filming this movie (if she's even chosen to be Katniss), she'll probably be around 14 or 15. Besides, the books said that Katniss is supposed to be thin and small. I also think Elle Fanning should play Primrose.

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