A handful of Battle: Los Angeles posters have surfaced and while it’s quite evident what they’re designed to accomplish, it’s impossible for one to do so without viewing the entire pack. A week back a viral site for the film was unveiled. It’s basically designed to play up the fact that the supposed alien sightings from the past are real and are connected to the focus of the film, an alien attack on Los Angeles.

The posters start with a 1942 LA sighting and then highlight one in Buenos Aires in 1965, Seoul in 1983, London in 1991 and then, to top it all off, Los Angeles in 2011. Not as chilling as it was probably intended to be, but the film isn’t due out until March 11th, 2011, so at least there’s still ample time for better promo material. These are probably just a little something to compliment the launch of ReportThreats.org.

By Perri Nemiroff (via IMP Awards)

Battle Los Angeles 1

Battle Los Angeles 2

Battle Los Angeles 3

Battle Los Angeles 4

Battle Los Angeles 5

By Perri Nemiroff

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