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Wes Craven Shows Off His Latest Victims In The My Soul To Take Trailer


Wes Craven Shows Off His Latest Victims In The My Soul To Take Trailer

I’m a diehard Wes Craven fan. Anything with the guy’s name on it gets me incredibly excited. I’ve been happily swimming in photos and videos from the set of Scream 4 the past few months, but now it’s time to get to a film that we’ll see the final cut of far sooner, My Soul to Take. The first poster just hit the web last week along with the news of the film’s new release date and it’s no surprise that the My Soul to Take trailer followed close behind.

The movie is about a town haunted by the legend of a serial killer who is rumored to return to Riverton to claim the lives of the seven children born on the night of his death. Now, sixteen years later, townsfolk are disappearing. Some suspect the killer was reincarnated as one of the teens or perhaps even survived after being left for dead. Regardless of what happened to Ripper, it’s up to Bug (Max Thieriot) to save his friends from whatever or whoever this evil force is.

The trailer is decent. Thieriot’s voiceover provides a nice synopsis of what the flick’s about, but I’m not a big fan of what the material shown implies. As long as this trailer doesn’t give away the entire story, it’s good enough for me. The only major turn off is the 3D. Is anyone as sick and tired of the technology as me? And what about that bird at the end of the trailer? Let’s just hope whatever that is isn’t going to look so ridiculous it’s laughable in the feature film.

Check out a still of what looks like an in-class bird attack below as well as the film’s poster and trailer.

By Perri Nemiroff

My Soul to Take Still

My Soul To Take Poster

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