Anton Corbijn, who directed George Clooney’s recent number one movie ‘The American,’ is saying that he is going to stop making films after his next movie, is reporting. Corbijn made his directorial debut with ‘Control,’ and then released the thriller, character-based ‘The American.’ While the latter didn’t rake up a lot of financial success, it easily won the top spot when it was released this past Labor Day weekend.

Corbijn told the print edition of Empire that he’ll “only do three films.” The idea for his last movie is to tell the life story of actor and composer Herbert Gronemeyer, who has worked with him on his first two films. Gronemeyer appeared in ‘Control,’ and later scored ‘The American.’

As an actor, Gronemeyer is remembered for his biggest role in ‘Das Boot.’ But he has spent most of his career as a musician, which Corbijn will focus on when he writes the biopic. The director also wants to feature Gronemyer in the movie.

Corbijn decided to try his hand in film after working as a photographer. He was used to working with just one subject. He has said that the transition from photographer to director wasn’t natural to him, as he didn’t come from big set-ups or commercials.

Written by: Karen Benardello

The American
The American

By Karen Benardello

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