Here’s a compilation of excerpts from the latest movie reviews of “Carnies” by director Brian Corder and starring Doug Jones (Hellboy 2, Pan’s Labyrinth, Frankenstein), Reggie Bannister (Phantasm), Chris Staviski, David Markham (Carnivale) and Lee Perkins.

Sideshow World says “With all of today’s special effects and million dollar budgets Carnies takes us back to a simpler time. When B movies were B movies. When you could still go to your corner theater on a Saturday, pay your 25 cents, and be entertained for most of the morning. You’ll still have to pay your 5 bucks for popcorn and a drink! I spent the whole 83 minutes stuck to my seat, wanting to see what was going to happen next? Carnies has it all! A Strongman, a Geek, Girls, a Magician, a Vent, Snakes, a Sword Swallower, a very loving Father of the Fatherless Children, even a little sex and violence, who could ask for more? Oh Yes! I almost forgot, there were those Demons that stalked the Midway!” Read More

Video Views says “Independent cinema doesn’t get any better than Carnies, I loved everything about it, the film is left open for a possible sequel and I hope that it gets made at some point. Until then take a trip back to 1936 and walk along side the men and women for all the fun and mayhem. ” Read More

Cinema Head Cheese says “Carnies is an interesting film. I doubt that anyone can relate to this, but it is very, very reminiscent of Ed Wood’s work once his film career had ended. Wood wound up writing a large amount of novels and a good deal of these dealt with horror as set in the world of the traveling carnival. Clowns, sideshows, barkers… all of them were wrapped up in Wood’s dark tales (usually murdered and a poor transvestite was the patsy, but that is classic Ed Wood). Fifty years later, that unique blend of old-school carnival and slick, modern horror is revived in writer/director Brian Corder’s Carnies. It is, most definitely, a lush and colorful film noir, but it escapes the hackneyed murder-mystery plot fairly quickly, while retaining the stylish atmosphere of Tod Browning’s Freaks. Carnies, after establishing the mood, is a straight-up horror film… and that is a compliment where I come from. ” Read More

Little Miss Critical says “You know what the movie industry needs more of? Carnies. Vampires were fun for a while, but how much more bloodsucking can we endure until we run dry? Carnies on the other hand, are a breed that has gone vastly unexplored and offers an abundance of disconcerting characters and illusions ripe for the big screen. One of the first to dig into the pool of circus freaks is Carnies and it certainly exemplifies the natural appeal of the subject matter.” Read More

Cult Movies Magazine says “Carnies is a period piece set in the great depression, an original story brilliantly directed by Brian Corder & told with the writing talents of Ron Leming & John B. Nash. The costumes are lavish & fantastic, beautifully shot with an original feel for the time period. The acting is top notch with strong performances by Denise Gossett , Doug Jones , Reggie Bannister, Chris Staviski and Ace Diamond.” Read More

Film Bizarro says “Carnies is a competently made movie and I would say is more technically sound than most low-budget indie horror movies. Even if the story is lacking. It’s well edited and the pace is smooth but a little slow, which more or less is the result of not much occurring in between the kill scenes. In general, it has a good production value with well made set pieces and costumes, great lighting, a nice ensemble of characters that are matched with decent performances by the actors. The movie gives you plenty of material to enjoy it.” Read More

SYNOPSIS: In 1936, during The Great Depression, a traveling sideshow sets up shop to mystify yet another dustbowl town with freaks and illusions. When a sinister force begins taking the carnies’ lives one-by-one, Detective Ellison (Reggie Bannister of “Phantasm”) is put on the case. Is it the cryptic carnival owner, Helen (Denise Gossett)? What about the strong man, Virgil (Chris Staviski)? Or how about Ratty, the snake handler (Doug Jones)?

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Carnies DVD Artwork
Carnies DVD Artwork

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